General Resources

Economic Information Systems - "economic intelligence at any level or aggregation of U.S. geography."

Resources for Economists on the Internet-Lists many resources on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics.

A Glossary of Political Economy Terms This is an alphabetical list of political economy terms.

WebEc - World Wide Web Resources in Economics - Lists and describes material that could be of interest to mainly academic economists and is at least in part freely available on the Internet. Searchable.

CYBER ECONOMICS: MICRO & MACRO ECONOMICS  Multimedia Lectures (Text and Images) from R. Schenk, Saint Joseph's College.

The Dismal Scientist - daily updates of key U.S. economic variables...historical statistics, local and industry statistics, forecasts, and analyses of key variables.

ECONlinks Developed to provide easy access to economic and financial information on the WWW for students in introductory or upper-level economics and business courses.

Economic Resources An extensive listing of links including sections on Journals and Working Papers, Data Sources, Think Tanks, Economic Development, Labor Studies, and Transportation.

Journals on the Web
Business Economics

Comparative Economic Studies 
Computational Economics 
Contemporary Economic Policy 
Developing Economies 
Eastern European Economics 
Economic Affairs 
Economic and Financial Review 
Economic Journal 
Economic Outlook 
Economic Theory 
Feminist Economics 
Financial Review 
Fiscal Studies 
Global Business and Economics Review 
History of Economic Ideas    
History of Economics Review 
International Journal of Finance and Economics 
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 
Journal of Business Strategies 
Journal of Economics 
Macroeconomics Dynamics
New York Economic Review 
Oxford Economic Papers 
RAND Journal of Economics 
Review of Economic Studies 
Teaching Business and Economics 



American Economic Association

National Bureau of Economic Research

Bureau of Economic Analysis - Updated daily. Compiles data that illuminate key national, international, and regional aspects of the U.S. economy.