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Renewal Request Form for Loaned Items

Please read the Interlibrary Loan Renewal Policy before making your renewal request.

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Important Information to Remember

  • It is best to request renewals at least three days before the date due.
  • Only one renewal may be requested.
  • We are unable to request a renewal for a book that is overdue, or if the lending library indicated the material as "non-renewable." Auburn Univ. does not grant renewals.
  • Once a renewal is requested, it may be assumed that there is a one month renewal from the original due date.  Only if the request is denied, or a different amount of time is allowed, will you be contacted by the Interlibrary Loan Office.

If you have any questions concerning your ILL materials or the ILL process, please contact the ILL department at (205) 652-3842, or visit the department's office located on the first floor of the Library

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