Course Reserve Policy

The University of West Alabama Julia Tutwiler Library offers a reserve service in order to support the teaching activities at the University. The Reserve Policy sets forth the guidelines that control the reserve material. The Library exercises the right to determine conditions of use and to refuse materials for reserve for legal or other reasons.

I.  Type of Material 

Any faculty member or instructor may place library books, personal books, articles, videotapes, and other media on reserve. The items will be indexed under the name of the instructor, as well as the course title.

Instructor’s personal books or other materials may be placed on reserve. Personal items will be processed following the reserve procedures, and will be marked to identify them as reserve material. The Library will not assume responsibility for replacing worn, damaged, or missing items.

II.  Copyright Compliance 

Only materials that fulfill copyright regulations may be placed on reserve. Fulfillment requires a photocopy of the journal’s statement of copyright.

All articles will be stamped with a copyright notice. This copy can not be used again, since it is a violation of copyright law.

Only one photocopy of an article may be placed on reserve.

III.  Reserve  

Reserve are located on the Julia Tutwiler Library website under Services

A completed reserve form must accompany each reserve item that an instructor requests to be placed on reserve. If an item is received without a form, the material will be sent back to the instructor, along with a request to complete the needed information for the item.

If an item is received with an incomplete citation or the journal’s statement of copyright is missing, the material will be sent back to the instructor

IV.  Processing Time 

Most materials will be placed on reserve within three (3) business days of the request.

However, more time will be required for:

  • Requests submitted the first day of classes.
  • Requests submitted with an incomplete citation
  • Requests not accompanied by the materials.
V. Removal of Reserve Items 

Items are placed on reserve for the current semester. Upon completion of the semester it is the instructor’s responsibility to retrieve their reserve items.