e-Reserve Policy

The University of West Alabama Julia Tutwiler Library offers Electronic Course Reserve (EReserve) in order to support the teaching activities of the university. The EReserve policy sets forth the guidelines that control the EReserve material.

I. Type of Material

Faculty members and instructors may place articles, book chapters, videotapes, and other media on EReserve. The items will be indexed under the name of the instructor, department, course title, and course number. Access will be through the Voyager online catalog system.

II. Copyright Compliance

Only materials that fulfill copyright regulations may be placed on reserve. 

It is the responsibility of the instructor submitting material to ensure that all materials are in compliance with copyright regulations.

III. E-Reserve Submission Criteria

Submitted EReserve material must meet the following criteria:

  • All submitted material must be single sided pages only.
  • Because the material will appear as an EReserve just as it is on the print copy, it is recommended that you eliminate as much black area as possible on the copies.
  • Each article, chapter, etc, must have an identifiable name.

All material submitted must meet copyright regulations.

Requests should be submitted at least three buisness days before material is needed on-line. A separate request form must accompany each submission.

IV. E-Reserve Submission Form

An EReserve request form must be sent, along with material to be scanned, to the Information Technologies Librarian two week before reserve items are to be posted. Digitized files of the material will be accepted.

V. Processing Time

Most materials will be made available on the Voyager online system within one week of submission of the material. There may be some exceptions, which may include:

  • Items presented on or near the first day of classes or other peak times.
  • Exceptionally large and/or several articles presented at one time.

VI. Expiration of E-Reserve Materials

Items are placed on reserve for the current semester or for a shorter time period specified by the instructor. On the last day of the semester or the date specified by the instructor, the material will no longer be available from Voyager. The scanned documents can be re-linked if the instructor submits a new request form.