Sumter County History




SF8D1 Folder 1 Sumter County health department

SF8D1 Folder 2 News clippings-Rural development

SF8D1 Folder 3 Public Buildings

SF8D1 Folder 4 Offices of Sumter County



SF8D1 Folder 5 William G. Smith


Art and Literature

SF8D1 Folder 6 Songs of Tombigbee River



SF8D1 Folder 7 Bibliography of writings


Biographical Families and Individuals


SF8D1 Folder 8 Medical Kit



SF8D1 Folder 9 Letter to Judge G. Sangers


Bell, Oliver

SF8D1 Folder 10 Interview with his daughter


Breitling, Robert Otto, Jr. 

    SF8D1 Folder 10A Celebration of the life of, December 13, 1921 - January 9, 2006


Brown, Jeremiah H.

SF8D1 Folder 11 Certificate from the Register of Land Office

SF8D1 Folder 12 Material on Julia Brown

SF8D1 Folder 13 History on Jeremiah Brown

SF8D1 Folder 14 Photocopies of documents

SF8D1 Folder 15 Photocopies of documents


Coleman Family

SF8D1 Folder 16 Letters from Jacinth Jackson to his son

SF8D1 Folder 17 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 18 Letter to Jefferson Jackson Coleman from his aunt and uncle

SF8D1 Folder 19 Poems written by Lillian J. Coleman

SF8D1 Folder 20 Letter to Eleanor Noyes from Daniel Noyes

SF8D1 Folder 21 Xeroxes of description of the Coleman's collection

SF8D1 Folder 22 A book titled Verse writing in Alabama

SF8D1 Folder 23 Alabama Alumni News 1974, dedicated to Wade Coleman


Culpepper, Leonard

SF8D1 Folder 24 News-clippings


Fearing, Maria

SF8D1 Folder 25 Photocopies

SF8D1 Folder 26 Women's Hall of Fame

SF8D1 Folder 27 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 28 Miscellaneous


Fields, Fred Oliver

SF8D1 Folder 29Outstanding Conservationist 1977

SF8D1 Folder 30 News-clippings


Fort, Ada

SF8D1 Folder 31 News-clippings


Jackson, Jenkins

SF8D1 Folder 32 Jenkins Jackson


Kiker, Kaye

SF8D1 Folder 33 News-clippings and book


Killingsworth, Julia P.

SF8D1 Folder 34 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 35 Women's Missionary Union

SF8D1 Folder 36 Brand Registration

SF8D1 Folder 37 Pickens County post office

SF8D1 Folder 38 Bridgeville, Pickens County

SF8D1 Folder 39 Aliceville Sunbeams

SF8D1 Folder 40 History of Pickens County

SF8D1 Folder 41 Correspondents

SF8D1 Folder 42 Southern Baptist Convention

SF8D1 Folder 43 Cotton Manual

SF8D1 Folder 44 Miscellaneous

SF8D1 Folder 45 J.P. Killingsworth Manuscripts

SF8D1 Folder 46 Ledger 1890


Lawrence, Emily Reid             MISSING

SF8D1 Folder 47 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 48 Certificate for postmaster


McConnell Family

SF8D1 Folder 49

  •    Marcus E. McConnell Jr. -  News-clippings
  •    Mary Emily McConnell -  Death announcement and funeral program


Mellown, Elgin W.

SF8D1 Folder 50 Two pamphlets and Misc.


Mitchell, Arthur W.

SF8D1 Folder 51 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 52 Photocopies of News-clippings


Norville, H. W.

SF8D1 Folder 53 History of Gramplian Hill


Pinson, John H.

SF8D1 Folder 54 John H. Pinson



See Renfroe


Pruitt, Ira Drayton

SF8D1 Folder 55News-clippings


Renfore, Stephen S.

SF8D1 Folder 56 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 56a Raiford/Poythress Family Bible, 1793 - 1939 Published 1833

SF8D1 Folder 57 Photocopies of News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 58 Land Purchase


Sampson, Charles S.

SF8D1 Folder 59

.         "Our Family Tree; the Sampsons and the Wabbingtons" by Ida Gayle, July 1984

.         Photograph (copy) of Charles S. Sampson.

.         Indictment papers on Henry Perkins, 1926. Extradition application to Illinois. Mr. Sampson was involved with the delivery of the suspect to Alabama.

.         In rememberance- Charles S. Sampson (1870-1969) and Funeral Services program.

.         Copy of hand written letter-of-character of Charles Sampson, May 20, 1918, signed by Whitfield

.         Copy of hand written letter-of-character of Charles Sampson, May 16, 1918, signed by W.W. McDaniel, Thomas ? Seale, and T. E. S?

.         "Charles Sampson II", article written by his grandson Lowry Gayle.

.         Letter to Bro. Sampson, February 25, 1953 from L.A. Locklair

.         Receipt from Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, Mr. Charles Sampson, Dec. 26, 1918, payment of $60.00 the accounts of Otto, Charles, and Booker Sampson. (photocopy)

.         United States Civil Service Commission, Retirement Division, retirement annuity statement for Charles S. Sampson, May 1, 1942 and other documents concerning his service as Sumter County extension agent.

.0         "A valuable lesion in education", by Ben Windham, Tuscaloosa News, August 9, 2004. On the Charles S. Sampson family.


Sisk, Glenn Nolen

SF8D1 Folder 60 Mid-America

SF8D1 Folder 61 Pamphlets

SF8D1 Folder 62 Literature by Glenn Sisk


Tartt Family

SF8D1 Folder 63 Martha Tartt Welch story


Tartt, Ruby Pickens  See Also:  Ruby Pickens Tartt Collection

SF8D1 Folder 64 Pamphlets

SF8D1 Folder 65 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 66 Photocopies of news-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 67 Duplicates from the Tartt Collection

SF8D1 Folder 68 Writings of Miss Ruby

SF8D1 Folder 69 Writings by Miss Ruby

SF8D1 Folder 70 Miscellaneous Books


Thomas, Mable

SF8D1 Folder 71 Clare Randall Diaries - microfilm


Threadgill, Obadiah

SF8D1 Folder 72 News-clipping


White, Joseph

SF8D1 Folder 73

  • Historical and Biographical Record of the Cattle Industry and Cattlemen of Texas
  • Civil War Days in Young County, Texas 1861-1865 by Barbara Neal Ledbetter


Winston Family

SF8D1 Folder 74 Writings on the Winstons's

SF8D1 Folder 75 Letter to Dan Mitchell from John Winston

SF8D1 Folder 76 News-clippings

SF8D1 Folder 77 Bright in Mosaic by Elizabeth Winston Sheehan


Wrenn, Nelson

SF8D1 Folder 78 Nelson Wrenn


Sumter County Biography

SF8D1 Folder 79 News Clippings



SF8D2 Folder 1
"Firsts for Blacks at Livingston University"

SF8D2 Folder 2
Newspaper clippings

See also: Sumter County History, Biographical, Simpson, Charles C.



SF8D2 Folder 3 Report on Botany of Sumter County

SF8D2 Folder 4 Native trees, shrubs and vines

SF8D2 Folder 5 Native wild flowers


Brooks Gun

SF8D2 Folder 6 The Brooks Gun



SF8D2 Folder 7 American Bicentennial

SF8D2 Folder 8 Civil War Centennial

SF8D2 Folder 9 Sesquicentennial

SF8D2 Folder 10 Economic Fair

SF8D2 Folder 11 Bicentennial history Book

SF8D2 Folder 12 Sumter Heritage Sunday April 4, 1993 (Sermon by J. Will Ormond, A Sermon in Clay)


Churches/Church Organizations

SF8D2 Folder 13 Bethel Church - Sumterville, AL

SF8D2 Folder 14 Bethlehem Baptist Women's' District Convention

SF8D2 Folder 15 Black Bluff Missionary Baptist Church, A Brief History of the

SF8D2 Folder 16 Elizabethan Presbyterian Church, History of

SF8D2 Folder 17 Gainesville Methodist Episcopal Church

SF8D2 Folder 18 Gainesville Presbyterian Church

SF8D2 Folder 19 Geiger Methodist Episcopal Church

SF8D2 Folder 20 Livingston First Baptist Church

SF8D2 Folder 21 Livingston Presbyterian Church

  • A History of the Livingston Presbyterian Church 1833-1958 by Ralph M. LyonFirst Presbyterian Church August 13, 1972 bulletin
  • Program of the Centennial of Livingston Presbyterian Church 1833-1933
  • Some Notes of the History of the Tuscaloosa Presbytery by Ralph M. Lyon
  • Newspaper article-"Livingston Presbyterian Church 1833-1933, Sumter County JournalWednesday, October 2, 1985
  • Newspaper articles-Our Southern Home, This front page series tells of the Livingston Presbyterian Church, and appeared in issues dated from November 1, 1933, to January 3, 1934

SF8D2 Folder 22 Livingston United Methodist Church

  • A History of the Livingston United Methodist Church 1834-1984
  • Needlepoint Kneelers at the Livingston United Methodist Church
  • Ground Breaking for Wesley Building June 27, 1988. Newspaper clipping and program.
  • Historical Record of Livingston United Methodist Church


SF8D2 Folder 23 Mt. Gillead Baptist Church of Christ - Cuba

SF8D2 Folder 24 Mt. Hermon Baptist Association & Pine Grove Baptist Church

SF8D2 Folder 25 New Jones Baptist Church

SF8D2 Folder 26 New Prospect Baptist Church

SF8D2 Folder 27 Panola United Methodist Church

SF8D2 Folder 28 St. James Episcopal Church

SF8D2 Folder 29 Sloam Baptist Church

SF8D2 Folder 30 Souls Church (laying down in back of drawer)

SF8D2 Folder 31 Sumterville Methodist Episcopal Church (in back of drawer)

SF8D2 Folder 32 York First Baptist Church

SF8D2 Folder 33 

SF8D2 Folder 33 Church records complied by Elizabeth B. Stegall, Emelle Ala, copied from originals in hands of Miss Kate Bayless, Sumterville, Al

  • Register of members and Probationers in Sumterville Church Jan. 1 1858, M.E. Chu S (dates of entries span 1833- 1880)
  • Bethany Baptist Church Book (cont from old book missing 1833 - 1883) 1883 - 1889 in this book. State of Alabama July 6, 1833. Old Side Baptist church first organized 6 July 1833 at the home of Clark Crocker. Named Bethany - Dec 1899.


Cobb Hotel

SF8D2 Folder 33 Hotel Registry Oct. 14, 1916 - Dec. 1, 1917



SF8D2 Folder 34 News clippings

SF8D2 Folder 35 Early Schools of Sumter County MISSING

SF8D2 Folder 36 Report of a Particle Survey

SF8D2 Folder 37 Rise of early schools in Sumter County

SF8D2 Folder 38 Trustees of Public schools

SF8D2 Folder 39 Glenn N. Sick

SF8D2 Folder 40 Dr. Robert E. Hale



SF8D2 Folder 41 Belmont Cemetery Records

SF8D2 Folder 42 Fulton and Frierson Families

SF8D2 Folder 43 Harwood Family

SF8D2 Folder 44 Larkin and Trigg Families

SF8D2 Folder 45 Methodist Cemetery Records

The following books on the Colgin family are
located in the Alabama Room, 929.2 C681

  • Colgin Family Vol. 1 Part A
  • Colgin Family Vol. 1 Part B
  • Colgin Family Vol. 1 Part C
  • Colgin Family Vol. 1 Part D

SF8D2 Folder 46 Index to obituaries and memoriam

SF8D2 Folder 47 Family of Heneretta Sanders Washington


History-Sumter County

SF8D3 Folder 1 Ante-Bellum Sumter CO

SF8D3 Folder 2Eliza Battle steamboat

SF8D3 Folder 3 Family records and war reminiscences

SF8D3 Folder 4 Confederate Monument

SF8D3 Folder 5 Confederate Veterans 1899

SF8D3 Folder 6 Dearman-History Sumter County

SF8D3 Folder 7 Department of Archives

SF8D3 Folder 8 Dillard's History of Sumter County by Judge Anthony Winston Dillard

SF8D3 Folder 9 Facts About Sumter County, Alabama, published by the Sumter County Historical Society

SF8D3 Folder 10 Fort Tombecbee

  • Old Fort Tombecbee by Dr. Lucille Griffith
  • Photographs
  • Brochures
  • Reasons for the Reconstruction of Fort Tombecbee
  • Old Fort Tombecbee by Elaine Stafford and Diane Norman

SF8D3 Folder 11 Early Ferries of Sumter Co

SF8D3 Folder 12 Homes of Sumter Co

SF8D3 Folder 13 Livingston Provisional Stamp

SF8D3 Folder 14 Gospel Music - A Black Gospel music program

SF8D3 Folder 15 Medicine - Early Doctors of Sumter County

SF8D3 Folder 16 Medicine - Medical Practice of the Past

SF8D3 Folder 17 Medicine - Medical men of Sumter County

SF8D3 Folder 18 Medicine - Sumter County Physicians

SF8D3 Folder 19 Organizations of Sumter County

SF8D3 Folder 20 Place names of Sumter County

SF8D3 Folder 21 Rabbits, Roosters 'N Rascals; The Founding of Sumter Co; by Linda H Timberlake. A Reader's Theatre Production

SF8D3 Folder 22 Reconstruction

SF8D3 Folder 23 Register of Motor Vehicles

SF8D3 Folder 24 Rooster Bridge

SF8D3 Folder 25 Steamboats plying into Tombigbee 1837-1864, Compiled by Jud K. Arrington

SF8D3 Folder 26 Sheriffs of Sumter County 1833-1961

SF8D3 Folder 27 The Slaves of Sumter County by Michael Vorenberg

SF8D3 Folder 28 Sumter County Newspapers & Their Editors 1836-1900

SF8D3 Folder 29 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek

SF8D3 Folder 30 World War I



SF8.D4 Folder 1 Sumter County

SF8.D4 Folder 2 Charles Weatherford



SF8.D4 Folder 3 News clippings

SF8.D4 Folder 4 Chemical Waste Management Inc.

SF8.D4 Folder 5  This is the picture of trained manpower-.

SF8.D4 Folder 6 Social and Economic Consequences of Hazardous Waste Facilities in the Rural South: The Case of Sumter County, Alabama by Dr. Conner Bailey

SF8.D4 Folder 7 Architectural Survey Chemical Waste Management, Inc., Emelle, Alabama Facility, Sumter County, Alabama, Final Report March 27, 1987

SF8.D4Folder 8 McMillan & Co. Bankers - blank check



SF8D4 Folder 9 Folder Sumter County Soil and Ground Water Maps

SF8D4 Folder 10 Folder Sumter County Highway/Transportation Maps

SF8D4 Folder 11 Sumter County District Lines maps

SF8D4 Folder 12 Miscellaneous



SF8D4 Folder 13 D.U.D. Livingston News Clippings

SF8D4 Folder 14 D.U.D. History

SF8D4 Folder 15 Panola Study Club

SF8D4 Folder 16 Tourism Guides/Brochures




SF8D5 Folder 1 News clippings

SF8D5 Folder 2 History of Allison Lumber Company

SF8D5 Folder 3 Allison Lumber Company

SF8D5 Folder 4 Historical notes on the little red school



SF8D5 Folder 5 Letter to Mr. Reed from Moseliy



SF8D5 Folder 6 News clippings

SF8D5 Folder 7 Historical Sketches

  • Bluffport and Dr. Lightning's Hole
  • Sam Porter and the Rattlesnake
  • Sam Porter


SF8D5 Folder 8 News clippings and notes



SF8D5 Folder 9 Miscellaneous

SF8D5 Folder 10 News clipping

SF8D5 Folder 11 History of Cuba



SF8D5 Folder 12 News clippings and misc.



SF8D5 Folder 13 News clippings

SF8D5 Folder 14 Miscellaneous


Port Epes

SF8D5 Folder 15 News clippings

SF8D5 Folder 16 Miscellaneous Brochures



SF8D5 Folder 17 Newspaper clippings

SF8D5 Folder 18 History

  • Gainesville - Narkeeta railroad
  • Gainesville: article from Our Southern Home, May 2, 1901
  • History of Gainesville Presbyterian Church
  • Gainesville: news release from Livingston State College, May 11, 1965
  • Gainesville by Judge W. E. Dearman

SF8D5 Folder 19 Copies of photo's from 20th century

SF8D5 Folder 20 Miscellaneous

SF8D5 Folder 21 Deposition of James E. Hart



SF8D5 Folder 22 Newspaper clippings

SF8D5 Folder 23 Noxubee River

SF8D5 Folder 24 Maps of waterway

SF8D5 Folder 25 Miscellaneous



SF8D5 Folder 26 History

SF8D5 Folder 27 Statement of taxable property

SF8D5 Folder 28 Miscellaneous



SF8D5 Folder 29 History on Artesian Well 

SF8D5 Folder 30 Homes - Newspaper Clippings

SF8D5 Folder 31 News clippings

SF8D5 Folder 32 History

SF8D5 Folder 33 Miscellaneous

SF8D5 Folder 34 Library news clippings

SF8D5 Folder 35 History of Ruby Tartt Picken Library

SF8D5 Folder 36 Subdivision Regulations, Mobile Home Park Ordinances

SF8D5 Folder 37 Economic development

SF8D5 Folder 38 Alabama History Commission

SF8D5 Folder 39 Water and Sanitation Report 1928

SF8D5 Folder 40 Bored Well

SF8D5 Folder 41 Population and Economic Study

SF8D5 Folder 42 City Planning

SF8D5 Folder 43 Code of ordinance

SF8D5 Folder 44 Maps

SF8D5 Folder 45 Murtlewood Cemetery



SF8D5 Folder 46 News clippings



SF8D5 Folder 47 News clipping

SF8D5 Folder 48 Old side cemetery



SF8D5 Folder 49 News clippings



SF8D5 Folder 50 Newspaper clippings

SF8D5 Folder 51 History

SF8D5 Folder 52 Miscellaneous

SF8D5 Folder 53 Through the year



SF8D5 Folder 54 Paul Reed Hunting club

SF8D5 Folder 55 Birds of Sumter County

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