Susalee Smith Collection


Scope/Contents: Correspondence between the Smith family from the 1850s nineteenth century to 1960. 

SF5. D1

Personal Correspondence

  1. Letters 1910-1920 #1
  2. Letters 1910-1920 #2
  3. Letters 1920-1930
  4. Letters 1930-1940
  5. Letters 1941-1950
  6. Letters 1951-1960
  7. Correspondence from Susalee to her mother 1930-1940's
  8. Personal Correspondence for Susalee 1900's
  9. Correspondence to Mary Reavis 1850's
  10. Correspondence From T. Reavis Jackson to wife 1850's
  11. Correspondence from Lucy to her mother 1860's
  12. Correspondence to Lucy B. Reavis 1850's
  13. T. Reavis Manifold Writer 1850's
  14. T. Reavis Manifold 1855
  15. Correspondence from T. Reavis 1850-1870's
  16. Correspondence from Reavis 1900-1920's
  17. Correspondence to W.L. Smith 1907
  18. Correspondence to M.B. Smith from Bank of Sumter 1920's
  19. Correspondence to Mary B. Smith 1920-1930's
  20. Correspondence to Mary J. Smith 1946-48; 1939
  21. Correspondence to Mary Jackson 1800's
  22. Correspondence from Mary to her father 1878-1880
  23. Correspondence from Walter to his mother 
  24. Correspondence from L. Jackson to her husband 1875
  25. Correspondence from Salila Cooke



  1. Correspondence to Mary 1800-1900's
  2. Correspondence to Mary from Lucy 1920's
  3. Correspondence from Mary Jane to her mother 1940's
  4. Household Correspondence #1
  5. Household Correspondence #2
  6. Correspondence to Major Jackson 1870-1880's from his wife L. Jackson
  7. Misc. Letters
  8. Correspondence to Walter and Mary Smith
  9. Letters and Manuscripts 1800's



  1. Post Cards
  2. Memorandum of Family History and small collection of trifles
  3. Insurance papers
  4. Insurance Polices
  5. Bank statement of Mary B. Smith
  6. Longevity
  7. Certificate of Death for Mary B. Smith
  8. Farm Diary
  9. Mary B. Jackson's Diary
  10. Ladies Memorial Association
  11. Holiday cards
  12. Election Artifacts
  13. Education Manuscripts
  14. Literary efforts of Lucy Reavis
  15. Church Related Artifacts
  16. Land Deeds
  17. Vacation Photo's
  18. Reavis Photo's
  19. Photographs of Gainesville
  20. Miss Smith Checkbooks
  21. Christmas Cards to Miss Smith
  22. Returned Checks from Miss Smith
  23. Historical Homes
  24. Manuscripts

SF5. D2

Miscellaneous (continued)

  1. Paper Artifacts
  2. Artifacts-Aduston Hall
  3. Letters on the U.S. Gov't Letterhead
  4. Plant Information- Artifacts/Manuscripts
  5. Accounts/receipt
  6. Store
  7. WWI
  8. WW II Dept. of Labor
  9. Documents
  10. Booklets
  11. Unknown Manuscripts
  12. Mortgages
  13. Artifacts
  14. Aduston Hall-Accession pgs.
  15. Manuscripts-Deeds,Legal papers



  1. Photograph-Unknown
  2. Photograph-Central Elementary 1957-1961
  3. Photograph-Pilot District Meeting 1938
  4. Photograph-Flag Drill- G.H. School
  5. Photographs, Photos Portraits - unknown
  6. Photographs-Dec. 1935
  7. Photographs-1936
  8. Photographs-1943
  9. Photographs-1946
  10. Photographs-1956
  11. Photographs-Mary B. Smith with Susalee
  12. Photograph-Carolyn Martin and Annie Sparks
  13. Photograph-Susalee Smith
  14. Photograph-Tom Jackson
  15. Photograph-Willie D. Jackson
  16. Photograph-Douglas Jackson
  17. Photograph-Joe Little
  18. Photograph-Kathleen Ward
  19. Photograph-Alice Pritchard Moore
  20. Photograph-Uncle Charlie, Kathleen and Elisa
  21. Photograph-Maggie Mosby
  22. Photograph-Annie M. Douglas
  23. Baby Photograph-unknown
  24. Wedding Photograph-unknown


Cased Photograph Collection

10 photographs, examined by Frances Osborn Robb, 2003

All from one family; spelling inconsistencies may be reduced by consulting family

  • Genealogy
  • .

    1. Unidentified Man, about 40 years old. Quarter-plate daguerreotype, ca. 1845; leatherette case, silk case cushion, octagonal pebble mount. Click to View
    2. Maggie McCaxxlts? Nettles, Cora Mc Cauls Holloman, Ma's sister (woman and young girl). Quarter-plate daguerreotype, late 1840s; velvet case cushion; elliptical, flat, heavy mount; narrow preserver.  Click to View
    3. William McCants Stallworth my father (boy, about one year old). Sixth-plate daguerreotype, late 1840s; velvet case cushion, elliptical heavy mount; very narrow preserver. Condition poor.  Click to View
    4. Sara Tomlinson, great great grandfather William Stallworth's daughter and sister of Nicholas Stallworth, and baby. Half-plate ambrotype, ca. 1860. Badly deteriorated black backing (a cosmetic repair); relatively large for an Alabama-made cased photograph.  Click to View
    5. Uncle William McCant's fiancee, a young lady from Lebanon, Tennessee. Quarter-plate daguerreotype, early 1850s; curved-cornered thick mat, narrow preserver.  Click to View
    6. Thomas McCaults, Ma's brother (a young man in his twenties). Sixth-plate ambrotype, late 1850s. oval mount, articulated mid-size preserver.  Click to View
    7. William McCants, Ma's brother. Sixth-plate, handcolored [daguerreotype ?], ca. 1860. Suitcase-shaped case, fancy mount, narrow preserver.  Click to View
    8. Lizzie Saline Stallworth, Ma's baby daughter (about one year old). Sixth-plate [ambrotype ?], ca. 1850. Very fine image. Narrow dotter oval preserver.  Click to View
    9. Cora [l?] McCants Holloman (Ma's sister). [ferrotype ?] ca. 1861. a lovely young woman wearing gilt earrings and necklace.  Click to View
    10. Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Nettles, Aunt Maggie (Ma's sister). Quarter-plate [ambrotype ?]; narrow curved cornered dotted mount, narrow preserver; ca. 1860.  Click to View
    11. The outside of the cases are very interesting.  View the following links for a few examples of these designs and case sizes. 

      Suitcase style    Back Design    Back    Sizes

    SF5. D3

    Miscellaneous Artifacts

    1. Cards
    2. 2 index boxes label Manuscript
    3. 1 index box label Artifacts
    4. 2 small bibles
    5. Webster's Dictionary
    6. Phone Book 1980

    SF5. D4


    Baby Clothing and Lace from the Smith Family


    SF5. D5

    Miscellaneous Pictures and Artifacts

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