Frances Roberts Collection


Stacks Vertical Files

SF4. D5  

Folder 1:  Ads

  • Continental Tailoring Company, 1903
  • Eastern air lines air mail advertisement
  • Falls Auction Company, 1999
  • My calendar and memory jogger for 1948
  • "New talks about Jell-O, America's most famous dessert", 1918 booklet           
  • Palatine Insurance Company Limited
  • Personal complexion analysis and make up color harmony chart by Max Factor
  • Pinkerton National Detective Agency $500 reward for Harry J. Leon, 1919
  • Regulator almanac for memoranda, 1890


SF4. D5  

Folder 2: 

  • Alabama SF4. D5, SF4. D5, Great Southern Railroad receipt, 1890's


SF4. D5  

Folder 3: 

  • Alexander and Hixon to Derby, Allison, and Smith, 1901


SF4. D5  

Folder 4:

  • E.F. Allison abstracts of land


SF4. D5  

Folder 5:

  • E.F. Allison's private papers


SF4. D5  

Folder 6:

  • Battle vs. William Fluker, 1844


SF4. D5  

Folder 7:

  • Frances Roberts' official bonds


SF4. D5  

Folder 8:

  • Billups and Swann to Pharris


SF4. D5

Folder 9:

  • Bradshaw, 1871


SF4. D5  

Folder 10:

  • Children's Whitsuntide Festival, Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, AL, Whitsun Monday, 1869


SF4. D5  

Folder 11:

  • Crenshaw, 1842


SF4. D5  

Folder 12:

  • Curl to Allison, 1892


SF4. D5  

Folder 13:

  • Robert Foster, 1866


SF4. D5  

Folder 14:

  • Gaines, Judge of the probate


SF4. D5  

Folder 15:

  • Gilbert, 1866


SF4. D5  

Folder 16:

  • Hair et al vs. Allen Rushing, 1844


SF4. D5  

Folder 17

  • Hair vs. Dial, 1848


SF4. D5  

Folder 18:

  • Hanes, Ellis, and Barnes, 1850


SF4. D5  

Folder 19:

  • Harris, 1866


SF4. D5  

Folder 20:

  • Hinds, 1849


SF4. D5  

Folder 21:

  • Ivey


SF4. D5  

Folder 22:

  • Jackson's tuition receipts for Lucy, 1880's and 1890's


SF4. D5  

Folder 23:

  • Frances Roberts' journal of books loaned out and returned


SF4. D5  

Folder 24:

  • Frances Roberts' Kappa Delta Pi membership letter, 1939


SF4. D5  

Folder 25:

  • Kinard, Jones, Brown, Tartt, Jenkins, and Boyd, 1871



SF4. D5  

Folder 26:

  • Kinard and Lawhorn, 1871


SF4. D5  

Folder 27:  Land abstracts

  • Alexander bought from Smith and Allison, 1899
  • Apsey, Warren, and Shows, 1904
  • Land of Apsey bought from Phares, 1856
  • Deed: Lucky to Griffin, 1904
  • McGrath, 1906
  • Land receipts for William Phipps and Joseph Shows


SF4. D5  

Folder 28:

  • Little vs. Russell, 1853


SF4. D5  

Folder 29:

  • McCormack, 1849


SF4. D5  

Folder 30:

  • Frances Roberts' mercantile receipt, 1904


SF4. D5  

Folder 31:  Miscellaneous

  • Book of facts compliments of B.L. Roberts of Gainesville
  • Bookmark with verse "When I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me" Micah 7:8
  • Broken picture frame with a piece of metal in it that may have been a picture
  • "A Manual of instruction upon the collects, epistles, and gospels for the Christian year" by The Rev. George W. Shinn, circa 1873
  • Webster's dictionary, 1865


SF4. D5  

Folder 32:

  • Mobley vs. Carpenter, 1866


SF4. D5  

Folder 33:

  • Mobley to Jones, 1866


SF4. D5  

Folder 34:  Frances Roberts' notes

  • One little black book
  • 31 loose pages about Matthew Arnold


SF4. D5  

Folder 35:

  • Phares' homestead certificate signed by President Harrison, 1891


SF4. D5  

Folder 36:

  • Frances Roberts' phonebook for Eutaw, Boligee, Livingston, and York


SF4. D5  

Folder 37:

Photo album: Looks like World War II

  • Adults and boys with a daschaund
  • Big crowd of people possibly at the Palais De Versailles
  • Boys in soldier uni
  • Castles possibly in Bavaria
  • Catholic Church
  • Cocktail party
  • Couple having coffee and brownies
  • Couple working behind a bar
  • Crucifix
  • Man at cemetery
  • Man at fountain
  • Man diving into a pool
  • Man floating on an inner tube in a pool
  • Man getting something pinned on his vest
  • Man giving a German salute
  • Man in his underwear shining his shoes
  • Man in lederhosen close up
  • Man in swim trunks about to pull a man in a dress suit in a pool
  • Man looking at tulips
  • Man playing an organ
  • Man standing next to bellows
  • Man standing next to a statue of a woman
  • Man with sailor
  • Mansion
  • Men getting water from a well
  • Men in front of German looking buildings
  • Men with boys in lederhosen
  • People looking at flowers
  • Priest and people
  • Smiling young man in lederhosen
  • Soldier in front of a jeep
  • Soldiers and others standing in front of the Palais De Versailles
  • Statue of Karl Kotzenberg
  • Three guys on a couch
  • Volkswagen
  • Young man at a machine, possibly a sewing machine
  • Young man in jeans leaning on a fence post
  • Young man in a suit
  • Young man drinking a toast
  • Young man leaning on a car
  • Young man and woman wearing sunglasses
  • Young men in an army band   

SF4. D5  

Folder 38:  Post Cards - AL, Bermuda, CA, FL


  • Administration Building, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Tuscaloosa, AL



  • The Lane, St. George's, Bermuda



  • Little Church of Flowers, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA
  • Picking Oranges in California
  • Replica of a Danish kitchen, Solvang, CA
  • Times Building, Los Angeles, CA



  • Al Fresco Hotel, Jensen, FL
  • Beautiful Spanish Entrance to a Miami Beach Home, FL
  • Biscayne Boulevard and Hotels, Miami, FL
  • Fishing Pier, Pensacola Beach, FL
  • The Flame Vine, FL
  • Flame vine and bougainvillea, FL
  • Forty passenger clipper ships at Pan American International Airport, Miami, FL
  • Lake Worth Bridge, looking south, Lake Worth, Florida
  • Main Street entrance to beach and ocean, Daytona Beach, FL
  • Picking oranges in Florida
  • The singing tower, Mountain Lake Sanctuary in Florida
  • The singing tower by moonlight, Mountain Lake Sanctuary, Lake Wales, FL


SF4. D5  

Folder 39:  Postcards, GA and HI


  • Bird's eye view of St. Simon's Island, GA
  • Dogwood trees in bloom, Atlanta, GA
  • Pink Chapel near Fort Frederica, St. Simons Island, GA
  • Ruins of Fort Frederica, Saint Simons Island, GA
  • St. Simons Light House, St. Simons Island, GA
  • Sea Island Casino, Sea Island, Georgia near Brunswick
  • United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, GA
  • Wesleys Oak, Frederica, near Sea Island Beach, Georgia



  • Nuuanu Pali, Honolulu, Hawaii


SF4. D5  

Folder 40:  Postcards, IL, IN, KY, LA


  • Adler Planetarium and Terrazzo Promenade, Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Avenue Water Tower (Palmolive Building in rear), Chicago, IL
  • Congress Hotel, Chicago, IL
  • Greater Chicago
  • Alexander McKinlock Memorial Campus, Northwestern University, Chicago
  • Chicago Arena
  • Chicago Midway Airport
  • Chicago Public Libraries
  • Chicago Temple Building, Chicago
  • Chinatown, Chicago
  • Coliseum, Chicago
  • Conrad Hilton Hotel
  • Entrance Union Stockyards, Chicago
  • Hull House
  • Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive south from the bridge
  • Michigan Avenue looking north
  • Michigan Boulevard north from the bridge
  • Newberry Library
  • Outer Drive Link Bridge and skyline
  • State Street looking north, Chicago
  • University of Chicago
  • WGN Studios
  • London Guarantee & Accident Company Building, Chicago, IL
  • Post Office and Federal Building, Chicago, IL
  • Public Library, Chicago, IL
  • Skyline from Chicago Harbor, IL
  • State and Madison Streets, the busiest corner in the world, Chicago, IL



  • Vocational and Physical Education building, Muncie, IN



  • Big Trees in Cherokee Park, Louisville, KY
  • Federal Hill, where Stephen Collins, Foster wrote his immortal song "My old Kentucky home" KY
  • Fire Place in Lincoln Cabin on Lincoln Farm, near Hodgenville, KY
  • "A Kentucky Welcome" by G. Allison Holland
  • Looking up the Kentucky River from High Bridge, KY, Shaker town in distance
  • My old Kentucky home, Bardstown, KY
  • St. Joseph's Proto-Cathedral, Bardstown, KY
  • The Annunciation
  • Church and Convent, Nazareth
  • The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin
  • The Crucifixion
  • Descent of the Holy Ghost
  • Flaying of St. Bartholomew
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Interior
  • The Old Stone Inn, now the Talbott Tavern
  • St. Aloysius teaching the youths
  • St. John the Baptist
  • St. Joseph's College
  • St. Joseph's Rectory
  • St. Peter in chains
  • Winged St. Mark
  • Spring on Lincoln Farm, Hodgenville, KY



  • Courtyard, Patio Royal, New Orleans, LA
  • Famous Avenue of Oak Trees (1,000 years old), Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA
  • Municipal auditorium, New Orleans, LA
  • New Charity Hospital and Nurses Home, New Orleans, LA
  • Oak Grown ruins of old Pakenham House, New Orleans, LA
  • Old French Courtyard, New Orleans, LA



  • Roof Garden, Hotel Ontario, Mexico City, Mexico


SF4. D5  

Folder 41:  Miscellaneous Postcards

  • Always after new business, rooster chasing hen
  • Best Easter Wishes
  • Best Easter Wishes with yellow chick
  • Birthplace of Will Rogers
  • Cut out the monkey business and write a line to me
  • Evergreens and berries…Christmas postcard
  • Gran Hotel Patio Espanol
  • A Happy Easter to you
  • Henry W. Grady Monument
  • Ike's Caf·86 [Eisenhower]
  • La Gare du Chemin e Fer de Banlieue - Le C.B.R.
  • Partially open doors, Goodyear Zeppelin Corp.'s factory and dock
  • A Peaceful Easter


SF4. D5  

Folder 42:  Postcards, MA, MS, MD, NB, NY


  • Minute Man, Concord, MA     



  • Hannibal, Missouri
  • Panoramic view of St. Charles, Mo from the Wabash Railroad Bridge
  • Tomb of Mother Duchesne, Sacred Heart Academy, St. Charles, MO


·94         Mississippi

  • Columbia High School, Columbia, MS
  • Observation Tower on Jackson Road, National Military Park, Vicksburg, MS
  • The Sunken Garden, Residence H.L. White, Columbia, MS
  • West Beach Sea Wall, Gulfport, MS



  • United Benefit Life Insurance Company, New Home Office, Omaha, Nebraska


New York

  • Empire State Building at night, New York City
  • Peace Bridge crossing Niagara River between Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, Ontario


SF4. D5  

Folder 43:  Postcards, NC, OH, PA, SC

North Carolina

  • Battle Vance Pettigrew, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Bottomless Pools, Western NC, near Chimney Rock, NC
  • Brevard College, Brevard, NC
  • Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Mountain Roadway, Ashville, NC
  • Panoramic view from the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
  • The Pool, Rockbrook Camp, Brevard, NC
  • Winding Highway cut through solid rock, in the heart of the mountains, between Highlands and Franklin, NC



  • Airport terminal, Akron, OH
  • Detroit Superior High Level Bridge and Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH
  • Municipal Stadium and East 9th St. Pier, Cleveland, OH
  • Pioneer Pavilion and Horseshoe Curve, Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, OH



  • Carpenters' Hall, Philadelphia, PA
  • Devil's Den Ledge, Gettysburg, PA
  • East Cemetery Hill, PA
  • General Lee's Headquarters, Gettysburg, PA
  • General Robert E. Lee and staff
  • Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA
  • Independence Hall and Commodore Barry Monument, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jennie Wade, House and Monument, PA
  • John Burns statue, PA
  • Little Round Top and General Warren Statue, PA
  • Major General George G. Meade and staff, Gettysburg, PA
  • On Culp's Hill, looking west, Gettysburg, PA
  • Pennsylvania State Memorial
  • Spangler's Spring, PA
  • Summit of Little Round Top, PA
  • Statues of General Buford, General Reynolds, and Hall's 2nd Maine Battery
  • Valley of Death and Little Round Top, PA
  • View of Independence Hall, "Cradle of Liberty", 6th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, PA
  • West Confederate Avenue showing Whitworth guns, Gettysburg, PA
  • The Wheatfield, showing Round Tops in distance, PA


South Carolina

  • Greetings from Spartanburg, SC


SF4. D5  

Folder 44:  Postcards, TN, TX, UT, VT


  • Alladin's Palace, Wonder Cave, Monteagle, TN
  • Cavern Castle, entrance to Lookout Mountain Cave, Chattanooga, TN
  • Entrance to the National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN
  • Post Office, Chattanooga, TN  



  • Business District from West Dallas, TX
  • Cliff Towers Hotel from Lake Cliffs, Dallas, TX
  • Magnolia Building, Adolphus Hotel, and Baker Hotel, Dallas, TX
  • Sullivan Park, Dallas, TX



  • Corridor and Main Stairways, Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Pioneer Monument, Salt Lake City, UT



  • Green Mountain Diner & Pine Room, Arlington, VT


SF4. D5  

Folder 45: 

Postcards,  VA, Washington DC, Wisconsin


  • The Banquet Hall, Mount Vernon, VA
  • Beautiful Arlington, VA
  • Confederate memorial
  • Custis family lot
  • Custis Lee mansion
  • Field of the dead
  • General Sheridan's grave
  • General Wheeler monument
  • General Wheeler monument and officers' section
  • Grave of Robert E. Peary
  • Interior of memorial amphitheater
  • Kearny statue
  • Main entrance
  • Map of Arlington National Cemetery
  • Mast of the Maine and graves of her dead
  • McClellan gate
  • Memorial amphitheater
  • Old amphitheater
  • Ord and Weitzel gate
  • Rough Riders Monument
  • Sheridan gate
  • Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
  • Spanish American War section, soldiers' and sailors' monument
  • The Temple of Fame
  • Tomb of the unknown dead
  • Tomb of Unknown Soldier of the World War
  • View of Washington from Arlington, VA
  • World War section and Arlington wireless towers
  • General Washington's Bed Chamber, Mount Vernon, VA
  • Greetings from Mount Vernon, VA
  • Banquet Hall
  • Bowling green
  • Christ Church, Alexandria, VA, where Washington worshipped
  • Custis Lee Mansion, Arlington, VA
  • The Family Dining Room
  • The Garden's, Home of Washington
  • George Washington's bedroom
  • George Washington Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria, VA
  • Green Room
  • Interior Christ Church, Alexandria, VA
  • Main Hall, Mount Vernon Mansion
  • Martha Washington's bedroom
  • Martha Washington's kitchen
  • Martha Washington's spinning room
  • Mrs. Washington's sitting room
  • Music Room
  • Nellie Custis' room
  • New Jersey Room
  • Old Tomb
  • River room
  • Texas Gate
  • Washington from across the Potomac
  • Washington's barn
  • Washington's home from an aeroplane
  • Washington' library
  • Washington Mansion
  • Washington's Tomb
  • West Parlor
  • Hawk's Bill from Crescent Rock, Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, VA
  • The Library at Mount Vernon, VA
  • Martha Washington's sitting room, VA
  • Monument Avenue and Lee Monument, Richmond, VA
  • The Mosque, Richmond Civic Center, Richmond, VA
  • Mount Vernon, VA
  • Mount Vernon mansion from the north, VA
  • The North Lane at Mount Vernon, VA
  • Old Oaks, Petersburg, VA
  • Penn-Daw Hotel, Alexandria, VA
  • The Tomb of Washington, Mount Vernon, VA
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Court Street, corner High Street, Portsmouth, VA
  • View from Stony Mountain, Shenandoah National Park, VA
  • Views of beautiful Arlington, VA
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument
  • Butt Memorial, Hero of the Titanic
  • Confederate Memorial
  • Field of the Dead
  • Fort Meyer Gate
  • General Crook Monument
  • Graves of George Washington Parke Custis and wife
  • Interior of Memorial Amphitheater
  • Kearny Statue
  • The Maine anchor
  • Mast of the Main
  • McClellan Gate
  • Memorial Amphitheatre
  • Officer's Section
  • Old Amphitheater
  • Ord and Weitzel Gate
  • Robert E. Peary Memorial, discoverer of the North Pole
  • Rough Riders Monument
  • Sheridan Monument
  • Soldier's and Sailor's monument of the Spanish War
  • Spanish War Nurses Monument
  • The Temple of Fame, VA
  • Tomb of General Nelson A. Miles
  • Tomb of the Unknown Dead
  • Tomb of Unknown Soldier
  • Washington from Arlington
  • World War Section and Arlington Wireless Towers
  • Washington Monument and Hotel, Richmond, VA
  • West Front, Mount Vernon, VA


Washington, DC

  • Arlington Memorial Bridge, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, Washington, DC
  • Beautiful Washington, DC, the nation's capitol
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument
  • Department of Commerce
  • Japanese cherry blossoms, riverside drive, Potomac River
  • Library of Congress
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Lincoln memorial from across the Potomac
  • The new Bureau of Printing and Engraving on Potomac Park and Basin
  • New National Museum
  • Old National Museum
  • Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Union Station
  • The U.S. capitol
  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Treasury
  • Washington's mansion, Mount Vernon, VA
  • Washington Monument
  • Washington Monument and Cherry Blossoms
  • White House
  • Hotel Martinique, Washington, DC
  • The Shoreham Hotel, Connecticut Avenue at Washington St., Washington, DC
  • The Shoreham Hotel, Connecticut Avenue at Calvert St., Washington, DC
  • United States Capitol by night, Washington, DC



  • Allis Chalmers All Crop Harvester, Milwaukee, WS


SF4. D5  

Folder 46:

  • Frances Roberts' pottery receipt, 1907


SF4. D5  

Folder 47:

  • Frances Roberts' promissory note, 1939


SF4. D5  

Folder 48:

  • Redmon vs. Colgin, 1845


SF4. D5  

Folder 49:

  • Letter to George B. Sanders, Chancery, 1849


SF4. D5  

Folder 50:

  • Letter to George B. Sanders, 1866


SF4. D5

Folder 51:

  • George B. Saunders


SF4. D5

Folder 52:

  • Scrapbook contents:
  • Program of a musical festival by the Euterpean Club of Birmingham High School, June 3, 1903
  • Picture of nine teachers in Birmingham High School, all women, no names
  • Dreka's word book
  • Miscellaneous diary like writing


SF4. D5  

Folder 53:

  • Stokley vs. Haughton, 1847


SF4. D5  

Folder 54:

  • Sturdivant to White, 1869


SF4. D5  

Folder 55:

  • Rob Tankersly, 1866


SF4. D5  

Folder 56:

  • Letter to J.M. Thompson, 1846


SF4. D5  

Folder 57:

  • Thompson vs. Garner, 1849


SF4. D5  

Folder 58:

  • Thompson vs. John A*i**tt


SF4. D5  

Folder 59:

  • Joshua Tyson and Williams, 1847


SF4. D5  

Folder 60:

  • Van de Graaff, 1868


SF4. D5  

Folder 61:

  • Voter Roll Books, 1886, 1890


SF4. D5  

Folder 62:

  • A list of votes poled at Wood's precinct for Justice of the Peace and Constable, October 2, 1852


SF4. D5  

Folder 63:

  • Wallace, Peters, and Nelson, 1847


SF4. D5  

Folder 64:

  • Warner, Lewis, Ferguson, and Clay, 1869


SF4. D5  

Folder 65:

  • Woodward vs. Coleman, 1857


SF4. D5  

Folder 66:

  • John Wright and wife et al vs. depositions of B. Little and B. Turner


SF4. D5  

Folder 67:

  • Wright vs. illegible et al, 1849


SF4. D5  

Folder 68:

  • 3 Painters from Old Huntsville, 1965


SF4. D5  

Folder 69:

  • The Alabama Churchman, December 1950


SF4. D5  

Folder 70:

  • "The Alabama Courier", June 12, 1941


SF4. D5  

Folder 71:

  • Alabama Division, American Association of University Women, State Convention, 1953


SF4. D5  

Folder 72:

  • The Alabama Historical Society 6th annual meeting, 1953


SF4. D5  

Folder 73:

  • The Alabama Historical Society 14th annual meeting, 1961


SF4. D5  

Folder 74:

  • Alabama State Chamber of Commerce brochure, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 75:

  • Ante-Bellum Greensboro


SF4. D5  

Folder 76:

  • Ante-Bellum Marion, Cultural Center of the Plantation South


SF4. D5  

Folder 77:

  • Article about consecration of Rev. Claiborne by Fritz Heidelberg


SF4. D5  

Folder 78:

  • Athens Scan It, Athens High School, February 13, 1942


SF4. D5  

Folder 79:

  • The Auburn Veterinarian, Spring 1958


SF4. D5  

Folder 80:

  • Birmingham was born in Montgomery [in 1870], Alabama Historical Association, 1952, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 81:

  • A brief summary of historical notes on the Greensboro Presbyterian Church by Lutie James Davidson, 1959


SF4. D5  

Folder 82:

  • Bulletin of the North Alabama Historical Association, 1956


SF4. D5  

Folder 83:

  • Card Game, "A game of I am", 1906


SF4. D5  

Folder 84:

  • Centennial Anniversary of the [Episcopal] Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, AL, 1843-1943


SF4. D5  

Folder 85:

  • Changes needed in teacher training, P.J. Benrimo


SF4. D5  

Folder 86:

  • Civil War Centennial Self Guided Tour of Huntsville, April 11, 1962


SF4. D5  

Folder 87:

  • Commencement Week Activities, an unusual collection of suggestions for high school commencement, published by Eldridge Entertainment House, 1934


SF4. D5  

Folder 88:

  • Confession of sin not profession of religion by the Rt. Rev. Richard Hooker Wilmer, Bishop of Alabama, 1898


SF4. D5  

Folder 89:

  • Consecration of Claiborne set June 29 [1949]


SF4. D5  

Folder 90:

  • "Consecration [of Rev. Randolph R. Claiborne] will blend ancient, modern rituals", Huntsville Times, June 26, 1949


SF4. D5  

Folder 91:

  • Many state clergymen to attend consecration [of Rev. Claiborne]


SF4. D5  

Folder 92:

  • The order of service for the consecration of the reverend Randolph Royall Claiborne Jr., to be Suffragan Bishop in the Diocese of Alabama Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, AL, St. Peter's Day, Wednesday, June 29th, 1949


SF4. D5  

Folder 93:

  • Pictures of Consecration of Bishop Randolph R. Claiborne, Huntsville, about 1949


SF4. D5  

Folder 94:

  • Dedicatory Services Alabama Hall of Fame, 1954
  • Clement Comer Clay
  • Samuel Dale
  • William Crawford Gorgas
  • John Tyler Morgan
  • Daniel Pratt
  • Raphael Semmes
  • James Marion Sims
  • Eugene Allen Smith
  • Julia Strudwick Tutwiler
  • Joseph Wheeler
  • Augusta Evans Wilson


SF4. D5  

Folder 95:

  • The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin Spring 1953


SF4. D5  

Folder 96:

  • Democratic Campaign Hand Book, 1940


SF4. D5  

Folder 97:

  • The Democratic National Convention, 1936


SF4. D5  

Folder 98:

  • The Democratic Register Congressional Yearbook, 1936


SF4. D5  

Folder 99:

  • The Development of the Tennessee Valley, 1936, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 100:

  • Eutaw, AL Tour Guide


SF4. D5  

Folder 101:

  • "Farm Parade", June 1947


SF4. D5  

Folder 102:

  • First Presbyterian Church, Eutaw, AL, Alabama Historical Society Pilgrimage, October 12, 1963, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 103:

  • "Fort Tombecbee 1735-1822" brochure


SF4. D5  

Folder 104:

  • "Forward Day by Day", [Christian Devotional Book], Summer 1956


SF4. D5  

Folder 105:

  • "Forward March" published by Alabama Power Company, December 1950


SF4. D5  

Folder 106:

  • Frances Cabaniss Roberts' empty UA diploma holder


SF4. D5  

Folder 107:

  • "Guilty Before Trial" by Benjamin F. Fairless, President United States Steel Corporation, 1950


SF4. D5  

Folder 108:

  • Highlights of Huntsville History by Frances Cabaniss Roberts, circa 1950's


SF4. D5  

Folder 109:

  • Historic Greensboro pictures and article from Tuscaloosa News, August 15, 1963, title "In Historic Greensboro Old South Still Lives"


SF4. D5  

Folder 110:

  • The History of Pig Iron Manufacture in Alabama by Bradford C. Colcord, 1950


SF4. D5  

Folder 111:

  • "How cheap electricity pays its way" TVA, 1938


SF4. D5  

Folder 112:

  • Huntsville High School newspaper, "The Red and Blue", October 1, 1943


SF4. D5  

Folder 113:

  • Huntsville High School newspaper, "The Red and Blue", January 31, 1947


SF4. D5  

Folder 114:

  • Huntsville Weekly Democrat, December 11, 1907


SF4. D5  

Folder 115:

  • "Is there a Santa Clause", newspaper clipping, no name, circa 1923


SF4. D5  

Folder 116:

  • John Randolph's faith


SF4. D5  

Folder 117:

  • "Ladies' notebook and calendar", 1900


SF4. D5  

Folder 118:

  • Letters from Congressman Pete Jarman to Miss Frances Roberts and Mrs. R.H. Roberts about a trip to Washington, August 10, 1939


SF4. D5  

Folder 119:

  • Letter from Miss Lay to Frances Roberts, postmarked Nashville, TN, November 27, 1933


SF4. D5  

Folder 120:

  • Little Blue Books
  • No. 26, "On Going to Church" by George Bernard Shaw
  • No. 106, "A Daring Frenchwoman's views of life" by George Sand
  • No. 109, "Facts you should know about the classics" by Joseph McCabe
  • No. 115, "Proverbs of Japan"
  • No. 123, "Life of Madame Du Barry" by H.M. Tichenor
  • No. 196, "The Marquise, a story of secret passion" by George Sand
  • No. 675, "The love code of a Parisian Actress, Sandra Bernhardt's Philosophy of Love" translated by Sylvestre Dorian
  • No. 815, "A book of familiar quotations" selected and arranged by Lloyd E. Smith
  • No. 959, "Masterpieces of American Humor"
  • No. 960, "Masterpieces of American Wit"
  • No. 994, "Physics self taught" by Maynard Shipley
  • No. 1017, "Without Benefit of Clergy" by Rudyard Kipling
  • No. 1253, "A book of general information quizzes" compiled by Lloyd E. Smith
  • No. 1350, "Curiosities of the English Language" by Lloyd E. Smith, two copies
  • No. 1379, "President Harding's Illegitimate Daughter" by Isaac Goldberg
  • No. 1457, "Sketches of Naughty Ladies" by Goethe
  • No. 1533, "Famous Infant Prodigies" by J.V. Nash
  • No. 1587, "The Amazing Loves of King Carol of Rumania" by Raymond Everett Wilson


SF4. D5  

Folder 121:

  • "Livingston College holds summer commencement", Dixie Howell, "Our Southern Home", August 18, 1949


SF4. D5  

Folder 122:

  • Mobile, AL Who's Who and buyers guide, 1947-48


SF4. D5  

Folder 123:

  • Montgomery Advertiser, October 25, 1961


SF4. D5  

Folder 124:

  • Mound State Monument, Moundville, AL


SF4. D5  

Folder 125:

  • A National Program in the Tennessee Valley [TVA], by Harcourt A. Morgan, 1934


SF4. D5  

Folder 126:

  • "New fellowship building a better tomorrow, Birmingham rector and wife have big roles in movement",  Birmingham News Age Herald, August 11, 1940


SF4. D5  

Folder 127:

  • The News Bag, November 1958, Gulf States Paper


SF4. D5  

Folder 128:

  • Official list of electors Sumter County, AL, March 17, 1960


SF4. D5  

Folder 129:

  • "Our Southern Home", February 25, 1960 [story of potential interest: Livingston became the first town in the state to go to all numeral telephone numbers]


SF4. D5  

Folder 130:

  • Pictorial and Industrial Survey of Athens Alabama, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 131:

  • Pine Bluff Daily Graphic newspaper from July 14, 1908 with a story from the Olympics in London. The English and Australians were leading in the swimming.


SF4. D5  

Folder 132:

  • Port of Mobile News and Shippers Guide, January 1948


SF4. D5  

Folder 133:

  • Preliminary list of Highway Marker suggestions, Alabama Historical Association, April 1952


SF4. D5  

Folder 134:

  • Preservation News, July 1984


SF4. D5  

Folder 135:

  • Public Health is Many Things, State Department of Health, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 136:

  • Quarterly Report of the Attorney General, April 1, 1962 to June 30, 1962


SF4. D5  

Folder 137:

  • Redstone Arsenal open house, October 15, 1960


SF4. D5  

Folder 138:

  • Remarks of Hon. Pete Jarman of Alabama in the House of Representatives from the Congressional Record, January 27, 1942


SF4. D5  

Folder 139:

  • Russell of Alabama, Thomas D. Russell


SF4. D5  

Folder 140:

  • St. Andrew's Church Prairieville, an address delivered by William M. Spencer, 1959


SF4. D5  

Folder 141:

  • Summer School News, University of Alabama, August 9, 1940 [370 get degrees]


SF4. D5  

Folder 142:

  • Sumter County Ballot, 1914, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 143:

  • Sumter County certificate of [voting] results, 1946


SF4. D5  

Folder 144:

  • [Sumter and Green Counties Geological map] Preliminary geological map of the northwestern part of the Epes quadrangle, Sumter and Greene counties, Alabama by Watson H. Monroe, 1955


SF4. D5  

Folder 145:

  • Tennessee Valley Area Pictorial Map, 1938


SF4. D5  

Folder 146:

  • Ticket for a box of Democratic Party and election items


SF4. D5  

Folder 147:

  • Ticket for Will Rogers, Rin Tin Tin photos, 1885 cigarette item


SF4. D5  

Folder 148:

  • A Time of Adversity and Courage, 1861-1865, by Marshall L. Bowie, two copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 149:

  • "To see ourselves as God sees us", The Birmingham News Age Herald, February 27, 1938


SF4. D5  

Folder 150:

  • Twenty five years of Welfare Services to People, 1935-1960, Sumter County


SF4. D5  

Folder 151:

  • Tuscaloosa News, March 17, 1961 [of interest: LSC Spring Quarter begins, Aliceville's mother of the year, school honor rolls]


SF4. D5  

Folder 152:

  • Tuskaloosa Magazine, No. 52


SF4. D5  

Folder 153:

  • "Two parties [Republican and Democrat] & How they came about", Look 7-14-1964


SF4. D5  

Folder 154:

  • United Givers Fund, 1963


SF4. D5  

Folder 155:

  • University of Alabama bulletin, December 15, 1953


SF4. D5  

Folder 156:

  • University of Alabama Bulletin, Directory of the Faculty, Staff, and Associated groups, Fall Semester, 1952-53


SF4. D5  

Folder 157:

  • "The University of Alabama Celebrates its 125th Anniversary with year long program of activities, events, symposia", "Crimson White", May 15, 1956


SF4. D5  

Folder 158:

  • U. of A. Extension News Bulletin, June 1956


SF4. D5  

Folder 159:

  • University of Alabama graduation, August 1940


SF4. D5  

Folder 160:

  • The University of Alabama, Historical Marker Dedication, Gorgas House, May 29, 1966


SF4. D5  

Folder 161:

  • University of Alabama at Huntsville schedule of classes, winter 1962


SF4. D5  

Folder 162:

  • University of Alabama President and Chancellor, November 1936


SF4. D5  

Folder 163:

  • Vacationers guide to the Tennessee Valley in North Alabama, Tennessee Valley Wildlife Federation, circa 1950


SF4. D5  

Folder 164:

  • Warrior-Tombigbee Waterway, Alabama's greatest natural asset


SF4. D5  

Folder 165:

  • "We used to go down to bank of the river and watch the boats come in" by Virginia Roberts, Home Record, November 12, 1975, three copies


SF4. D5  

Folder 166:

  • William H. Grant for Board of Commissioners of Sumter County


SF4. D5  

Folder 167:

  • William Haywood Lawrence, Our Southern Home editor, passes


SF4. D5  

Folder 168:

  • Your household guide, Presbyterian Women of the Church, 1951




Located in the Archives room


Box 1


Adventures in Music by Thaddeus P. Giddings Will Earhart, Ralph L. Baldwin, Earl L.

Baker, and Elbridge W. Newton, 1931


Alabama Course of Study, 1954


The Alabama Review

  • October, 1950
  • January, April, and October, 1951
  • January, July, and October, 1952
  • January, 1953
  • October, 1954
  • January (two copies), April, and July, 1955
  • January, April, and July, 1956
  • April and July, 1957
  • July and October 1958
  • April and October 1959
  • January, April, July, and October, 1960
  • January, April, July, and October, 1961
  • April, July, and October, 1962
  • April and October, 1963
  • January, April, July, and October, 1964
  • April and July, 1965
  • January, April, and July, 1966
  • January, April, July, and October, 1967
  • April and October, 1968


The Alhambra by Washington Irving, 1829 or later


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, 1911


The American Bee Keeper's Manual; being a practical treatise on the history and

domestic economy of the honey-bee embracing a full illustration of the whole subject, with the most approved methods of managing this insect through every branch of its culture, the result of many years experience. By T. B. Miner, 1849


The Anabasis or Expedition of Cyrus, and the memorabilia of Socrates literally translated from the Greek of Xenophon by the Rev. J.S. Watson, 1857


At Commencement Time by Emma Gary Wallace, 1929


Beaton's Bargain by Mrs. Alexander



Box 2


Beulah by Augusta J. Evans,


Black Beauty, the autobiography of a horse by Anna Sewell


Black Beauty, 1891


Black Boy by Richard Wright, 1945


A Book of Golden Deeds by Charlotte M. Yonge, 1893


The Boy Conqueror or the Golden Motto, a story of brave endeavor


A Brief History of Medieval and Modern Peoples with some account of their institutions, arts, manners, and customs, Barnes, 1883


Bright in Mosaic, First printed in Alabama Historical Quarterly, Winter Issue, 1945 by Elizabeth Winston Sheehan


Byron's Poetical Works, no date


The Child's Own Book and treasury of fairy stories, 1889


A Christian book written in many languages, no cover, no date


The Christian by Hall Caine, 1897


A Colony of Girls by K.L. Willard


Combined Operations the Official Story of the Commandos by Hilary A. St. George Saunders, 1943


The Conscript: a story of The French War of 1813 by MM. Erckmann-Chatrian, 1869


A Course of the French Language introductory to Fasquelle's larger French course by Louis Fasquelle, 1858


Course of Reading by Mandeville, 1846


A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language


Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1942


Cumner's Son and other South Sea Folk by Gilbert Parker, 1910



Box 3


The Curriculum by Franklin Bobbitt, 1918


The Dark River: an allegory by The Rev. Edward Monroe, 1851


The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, edited by Gross Alexander, 1906


The Early Called, the Stoic, and the Lansbys of Lansby Hill, by the author of Chapters on Churchyards, 1836


Eben Holden, a tale of the North Country by Irving Bacheller, 1900


Elementary Arithmetic


Elementary Music by Thaddeus P. Giddings, Will Earhart, Ralph L. Baldwin, Elbridge W. Newton, 1923


Elements of Arithmetic for primary and intermediate classes in public and private schools by William J. Milne, 1893


Elements of Criticism by Henry Home, Lord Kames, 1854


Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry translated from the French of A.M .Legendre by David Brewster, 1842


Elements of Physics, a textbook for high schools and academies, 1903


Elson Grammar School Reader, book four by William H. Elson and Christine Keck, 1909


"Expectation Corner" by E.S.E. (This is a short Christian pamphlet with no date)


First Course in Algebra by Herbert E. Hawkes, William A. Luby, Frank C. Touton, 1910


The First Violin by Jessie Fothergill, 1890


First Year Latin by Walter Eugene Foster and Samuel Dwight Arms, 1928


Forging the Fetters by Mrs. Alexander


Fourteen Weeks in Human Physiology by J. Dorman Steele, 1872


Fundamental French by Wilson Micks and Olga Longi, 1940



Box 4


A Gentleman of France being the memoirs of Gaston De Bonne, Sieur De Marsac by Stanley J. Weyman, 1894


George Washington Carver, an American Biography by Rackham Holt, 1943


The Gift [a collection of short stories with no editor and no date]


Gilbert Neal, a novel by Will N. Harben, 1908


Glimpses of Historical Areas East of the Mississippi River administered by the National Park Service, 1937


Grammar Book missing the cover and many pages


A Grammar of the Greek Language by Benjamin Franklin Fisk, 1843


Green Pastures and Piccadilly, a novel by William Black, 1878


Grimm's Fairy Tales translated from the German by Lucy Crane and done into pictures by Walter Crane, no date


The Head of the House of Coombe by Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1922


Hearts Courageous by Hallie Ermine Rives, 1902


Helen of the Old House by Harold Bell Wright, 1921


Hesper, a novel by Hamlin Garland, 1903


The Higher Rock by the American Sunday Union, 1864


High School Algebra


The Hills of the Shatemuc, by the author of the Wide, Wide, World, 1857


Historical Sketches, State Teachers College, Livingston, AL by G.W. Brock, 1938, three copies


The Home; or Family Cares and Family Joys by Frederika Bremer, translated by Mary Howitt, 1850


The Hymnal [of the Episcopal Church], 1892, two copies, the cover and many pages are missing from one



Box 5


The Intelligence of Animals with illustrative anecdotes from the French of Ernest Menault, 1871


The Journal of Southern History

·7844          February - November 1951

·7945          May, August, and November (two copies) 1952

·8046          February (two copies), May (two copies), August, and November 1953


K. by Mary Roberts Rinehart, 1915


Korea in Transition by James S. Gale 1911


The Lady of Shallott and other stories, missing the cover and many pages


Leona, or Shadows and Sunbeams, missing pages with author and date


Let's Learn the Birds in Alabama edited by Mrs. Blanche Evans Dean, 1958


Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, 1883


Life of Thomas J. Jackson by Mary L. Williamson, 1918


The Light of the Nations by Charles F. Deems, 1884


The Lorgnette: or, Studies of the Town.Volume II by an Opera Goer, 1852


The Lorgnette: or, Studies of the Town.Volume II by an Opera Goer, 1854


Memoir of Rev. Claudius Buchanan by Rev. Hugh Pearson, after 1803


Mace Petrie American School History by William H. Mace and George Petrie, 1919


Miss Parloa's New Cook Book


Magdalen Hepburn a story of the Scottish Reformation by Mrs. Olyphant


The Man of Galilee by Atticus G. Haygood, 1912


Morning by James Whitcomb Riley, 1907


Native Son by Richard Wright, 1940


New Elementary Arithmetic by Cook and Cropsy, just a cover, no book



Box 6


New School Algebra by G.A. Wentworth, 1899


The New Student's Reference Work for Teachers Students and Families, volumes I and III, edited by Chandler B. Beach, associate editor Frank Morton McMurry, 1909


Our Honeymoon and other Comicalities from "Punch" with original illustrations by J. McLenan, 1854


Our Mutual Friend


A Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs. O.F. Walton


Plane and Solid Geometry by G.A. Wentworth, 1900


The Pupil and the Teacher by Luther A. Weigle, 1911


A Practical German Grammar by Calvin Thomas, 1903


The Presidents and their wives from Washington to Kennedy, edited by Margaret Ward, 1961


Quill's Window by George Barr McCutcheon, 1921


Rambling Roses and Flying Bricks by Earl Tucker, 1958


Ranger Mosby by Virgil Carrington Jones, 1944


The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss, 1900


Religion: Origin, influence upon men and nations, and the result by J.F. Rutherford, 1940


Report of the Special Commissioner of the Revenue upon the industry, trade, commerce, etc. of the United States for the year 1869, Government Printing Office, 1869


Reveille in Washington, 1860-1865 by Margaret Leech, 1941


The Road to Providence by Maria Thompson Daviess, 1910


Robin by Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1922


Rutledge by Miriam Coles Harris, 1911


Saint Michael by Werner, no date



Box 7


St. Nicholas, an illustrated magazine for young folks conducted by Mary Mapes Dodge

  • Volume XIII Part II, May 1886 to October 1886
  • Volume XLIII Part I, November 1915 to April 1916
  • Volume XLIII Part II, May 1916 to October 1916 

Saints on Main Street, the Gospel for the Ordinary Christian by Peter Day, 1960


Sanders' Rhetorical or Union Sixth Reader by Charles W. Sanders, 1872


The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley, 1909


A Short History of Ancient Times for colleges and high schools by Phillip Van Ness Myers, 1906


The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson, 1910


Selections from Horace with notes and a vocabulary by Thomas Chase, 1902


Selections from the Prose Tales of Edgar Allen Poe, 1901


Sketches, stories, and Bohemian papers with no cover or title page


Standard Arithmetic embracing a complete course for schools and academies by William J. Milne, 1895


The Standard Dictionary of Facts, The Frontier Press Company, 1925


Stoddard's New Intellectual Arithmetic by John F. Stoddard, 1849


The Strollers, by Frederic S. Isham, 1902


The Students' Series of English Classics, the Diamond Necklace by Thomas Carlyle, 1892


A System of Latin Prosody and Metre from the best authorities ancient and modern by Charles Anthon, 1844


The Teacher's Companion to the Trinity Course of Church Instruction by Rev. C.M. Beckwith, 1903


Tell the people - Mass Education in China by Pearl Buck, 1945


Thaddeus of Warsaw by Miss Jane Porter, no date



Box 8


Then My Old Kentucky Home good night by W.E. Debnam, 1955


There must be a new song by Rollo Walter Brown, 1942


Thomas Moore's Complete Poetical Works collected by himself, 1895


Thoughts on the Services designed as an introduction to the liturgy and an aid to its devout use by Right Reverend Cleveland Coxe, 1872


This I Believe: 2 written for Edward R. Murrow, edited by Raymond Swing, 1954


Three Bright Girls, a story of chance and mischance, no date


The Three Keys by Frederic Ormond, 1909


Timid Lucy by the author of My Little Geography, 1851


Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World in four parts by Lemuel Gulliver with copious notes and a life of the author by W.C. Taylor, 1888


The Trinity Course of Church Instruction compiled by the Rt. Rev. C.M. Beckwith, 1903


Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas; or the marvelous and exciting adventures of Pierre Aronnax, Conseil, his servant, and Ned Land, a Canadian Harpooner by Jules Verne, no date


Undine and other tales by De La Motte Fouque, translated by F.E. Bunnett, 1890


A Very Young Couple by the author of Mrs. Jerningham's Journal, 1874


The Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott complete in twelve volumes, volume V, The Monastery - The Abbot, 1860


The Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott complete in twelve volumes, volume VI, Kenilworth - the Pirate, 1853


The Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott complete in twelve volumes, volume X, Woodstock. Chronicles of the Canongate, 1853


Weep no more, my lady, a Southerner answers Mrs. Roosevelt's report on the "poor and unhappy south" by W.E. Debnam, 1955 


What will he do with it by Pisistratus Caxton, a novel by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, 1874



Box 9


When a Man's a Man, a novel by Harold Bell Wright, 1916


The Works of John Dryden in verse and prose, with a life, by Rev. John Mitford, 1859


Wholesale Jewelry Catalog number 14, Chicago, no name, no date


A Window in Thrums by J.M. Barrie, no date


The Woman Who Dared, at thrilling narrative by Lawrence L. Lynch, 1902


The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson, 1921


Ya'll Come ["Big Jim" Folsom] by W. Bradley Twitty, 1962


Yesterday, today, and for ever: a poem in twelve books by Edward Henry Bickersteth, 1870


The Young People's Hymnal by W.D. Kirkland, James Atkins, and William J. Kirkpatrick, 1903, two copies



Box 10


Box of checkers, dominoes, and dice


Cross stitch of a boy sitting on the grass playing a flute. He is wearing light brown pants, green shoes that curl up on the toes, a pink jacket, and a baby blue hat with a pink feather and yellow flowers on it. There is a bird sitting in a tree looking at the boy and flowers all around. The frame is dark brown wood and very thick.


Photo album with metal pictures of men, women, and children, no names


Picture of a man with a mustache and goatee wearing a suit in an oval frame


Picture of Fr. Cate's father in cap and gown


Three pictures in a frame: four people in a car, a man in a beret, a man holding a car door open

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