Materials Concerning Sumter County


 received from various families since 2010                                                 

Held in brown archival box in Archives Room


1.      Abernethy, Barrett (cf  Stillman, Charles, Stillman College)

2.      Abstracts of Deeds involving slaves

3.      Black and Delaine families (African American trailblazers)

4.      The Brewer Families of Sumter County 1837-1860

5.      Brewersville Cemetery

6.      (Miscellaneous)  correspondence pertaining to Sumter County

a.      Letter to columnist from Mettie Seale about Bored Well

b.      Letter to columnist from Martha Culp about Nut Grass

c.       Letter to columnist from E. Rosenbush about J. C. Herman's good  5 cent cigars

7.      Cuba High School Commencement  (1943)

8.      (The) D.U.D. in Livingston, Al (booklet)

9.      Emelle, Alabama school picture

10.  Extant Antebellum Churches of Sumter County by Horace (buddy) Hunt

11.  Gilbert, Bill (Geiger) (memories of old Geiger School)

12.  Green, Aubrey and Ellen

13.  History of Cuba by Mrs. Ida M. Stallworth

14.  Letters from Robert Boyd (1864) (2 copies)

15.  Lions Club Calendar for 2011 with Birthdays

16.  Livingston analysis of the water

17.  Livingston Presbyterian Church Files

18.  Luke and McLain (descents buried in Myrtlewood Cemetery)

19.  May, Steven

20.  Munoz, Linda and Charles

21.  Obituary: Julia Stewart Killingsworth Ivey

22.  Obituary: William Russ Simpkins M.D.

23.  Our Southern Home newspaper clippings

24.  Poole House : Old House Journal

25.  Reed, Violet clippings

26.  Siloam Baptist Church, York, AL history

27.  Sumter County Fine Arts Council Brochures

28.  Sumter County Historical Points of Interest

29.  Sumter County Journal & Livingston Edition 1975 (in folder 2nd range shelving)

30.  Sumter County residents biography & other lists

31.  Sumter County Sun 1899 (bound volume on 2nd range shelving)

32.  Sumter Theater Pizza

33.  Will of James D. Long (probate date 20 April 1859)

Family and executors named: Peter Wier; James H. Neely; Sarah A. Pope; Henry Long; Polly Smith; Nancy Kiser; Sally Counts; Joseph Counts; Richard B. Long; Andrew A. Kiser Samuel Neely; John Long; Andrew Long; Thomas Long.


Slaves named: Old Elsick?; Old Charity; Henry Benton; Jim; Sarah; Charles; Scott; Young Sally Jane; Nelson; Martha; Dorothy; Mary: John; Tom; Charlotte; Sellick; Stith; Maria; Wilson; William; Young Charity; Sarah Jane; Ned; Callidony; Harriet; Easter; Frank; Phillip; Penny; Virginia; Parker; Fanny; Lewis; Young Selick; Sam; Perry; Eliza; Dic; Old Sandy; Diana; Old Sally; Moses; Van Buren; Andy; Catherine; Rojo; Queen; Dasil; Brany; Emiline; Qusan; Indiana; Sami;


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