Delta Kappa Gamma


Creator: Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Chi Chapter (Livingston, AL)

Volume:  7.0 linear ft.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into three series: Series 1 Scrapbooks; Series 2 Administrative Files; and Series 3 Publications.

Scope and Contents of the Materials:

The Delta Kappa Gamma records document the activities of this organization of professional female educators in their efforts to unite and honor women educators; to promote educational improvement; and to further professional development. The records includes ceremonies for special occasions, workshop programs, histories of the state and local organizations including sketches of pioneer women teachers in Greene, Pickens and Sumter counties. Among other items, the collection includes Alpha Chi Yearbooks from 1955-1964, publications, correspondence and photographs.  


Historical Note:

Delta Kappa Gamma, a national honor society for professional women educators, was organized on May 11, 1929 in Austin, Texas. The Alpha Chi Chapter was established in Webb Hall at Livingston State College on December 11, 1954 to serve their profession by providing better education for the young people in the area.  Miss Frances Finley, state president of Delta Kappa Gamma, served as advisor to Mrs. Martha Culp, first president of the chapter. Charter members were: Mrs. Edna Bailey; Mrs. Margaret Bryant; Mrs. Ernestine Clements; Mrs. May Daniels; Mrs. Dorothy Durrett; Mrs. Emily Etheridge; Miss Hattie Finley; Miss Lucille Foust; Miss Eltie Haynie; Miss Alma Holliday; Miss Elizabeth Hoover; Mrs. Urmede Hayle;   Mrs. Katherine Johnston; Mrs. Martha Langdon; Dr. Margaret Lyon; Mrs. Lutamae McGriff; Mrs. Mettie Seale; Dr. Alda Mae Speith; Mrs. Glady Ward; Mrs. Ludie Williams and Mrs. Martha Winston.

Administrative Information

Alternate Extent Statement:  1 metal file box, 2 video tapes, 1 audio tape, 1 box of photographs,

Access Restrictions:  The collection is open for research.

Processing Information:  The collection was processed by Christin Loehr February 2011.

Series Descriptions

SF2. D4.          Series 1 – Scrapbooks, brass stamp, 2 video tapes, 1 audio tape

SF2.D5                        Our Heritage (oversize book) (vols. 1 & 2)

SF2. D5 Box 1             Loose photos

SF2. D5. Box 2   Series 2— Administrative Files  (metal file box)

Folder 1:          Cross Reference (framed certificate in vault)

Folder 2:          Histories of the local chapter

Folder 3:          Newsletters

Folder 4:          Official notices of transfer and resignations

Folder 5:          Nominations

Folder 6:          “A study of the red rose as a symbol of our society” Research by Dr. Fechek

Folder 7:          Biennium reports

Folder 8:          Charter Members

Folder 9:          Silhouettes: Sketches of pioneer women teachers (Greene, Pickens, Sumter)

Folder 10:        Suggestions for a Chapter Who’s Who by Zora Ellia

Folder 11:        Procedures, Mrs. Moon’s Blessing, songs (2 red folders)

Folder 12:        International Correspondence

Folder 13:        Alpha Chi Correspondence — Official

Folder 14:        Alpha Chi Correspondence —1970s & 1980s

Folder 15:        Alpha Chi Correspondence —1990s & 2000s

Folder 16:        Correspondence— Miscellaneous

Folder 17:        Correspondence— Miscellaneous

Folder 18:        Newspaper clippings


SF3. D1            Alpha Chi Chapter Individual Folders:

Folder 1:          Alpha Chi Chapter Membership

Folder 2:          Cornerstone — 20 sketches of Alpha Chi’s charter members

Folder 3:          1999-2000 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 4:          1998-1999 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 5:          1997-1998 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 6:          1996-1997 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 7:          1994-1995 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 8:          1993-1994 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 9:          1992-1993 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 10:        1991-1992 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 11:        1990-1991 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 12:        1989-1990 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 13:        1988-1989 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 14:        1987-1988 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 15:        1986-1987 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 16:        1984-1985 Alpha Chi Chapter Year Book

Folder 17:        By laws (Beta State)

Folder 18:        Founders’ Day Materials

Folder 19:        Executive Board Meeting Reports

Folder 20:        Beta State News

Folder 21:        Beta State News

Folder 22:        International News

Folder 23:        International News

Folder 24:        International News

Folder 25:        Alpha Chi Chapter Beta State

Folder 26:        Alpha Pi Chapter Alpha Delta Kappa Year Book

Folder 27:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1954-1956

Folder 28:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1954-1958

Folder 29:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1958-1960

Folder 30:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1960-1962

Folder 31:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1962-1964

Folder 32:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1964-1966

Folder 33:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1970-1974

Folder 34:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1976

Folder 35:        Alpha Chi Chapter Roll Book and Minutes 1974-1982


SF3. D1.                      Series 3 — Publications

Folder 1:          International Headquarters

Folder 2:          Guidelines for Chapter Presidents 1986, 1990, 1992, 1998

Folder 3:          Handbook for 1979, 1984, 1987 and 1995

Folder 4:          Guidelines for Chapter Membership Chairmen 1998

Folder 5:          Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules

Folder 6:          Biennium Reports

Folder 7:          Rituals and Ceremonies

Folder 8:          Histories of Beta State

Folder 9:          Beta State’s Legacy of Our Diamonds

Folder 10:        Miscellaneous Publications


SF3.D1. Box 1 

Set of six Delta Kappa Gamma monogrammed china liquor glasses from the estate of Martha Fluker 

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