Stallworth / Scaggs Collection



  1. White cotton/linen empire-style dress in adult size. Yolk and short sleeves embroidered and trimmed with lace.
  2. Childs slip of white cotton/linen. Hem trimmed in deep border with lace and tucks.
  3. Woman's night gown in white cotton/linen. Long sleeves. Embroidered cuffs and collar. Yolk heavily embroidered.
  4. Baby coat of white woolen material. Trimmed in soutache?, embroidery, and ribbon. Fluted mandarin collar trimmed in ribbon.
  5. Silk shawl approximately four yards by four yards. Heavily embroidered in two corners of the shawl. Finished in deep crocheted border with fringe of about 7 or 8 inches attached.
  6. Silk doll's quilt
  7. Funeral book - Service of Mrs. Elizabeth Salina Stallworth McClelland, July 8, 1961

Items 8 - 31 are in a large envelope

  1. EnVoyage poem in brochure form
  2.  "Travis Park News", Travis Park Methodist Church , San Antonio , Texas , March 7, 1963 Volume XL No. 9. (2 copies)
  3. "Travis Park News", Travis Park Methodist Church , San Antonio , Texas , March 14, 1963 Volume XL No. 10.
  4. Two sided page, pictures of Mrs. James Ross Barnhill, State Librarian Amarillo and Mrs. Lorenzo L. Skaggs, State historian, San Antonio .
  5. Minutes, Called Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Travis Park Methodist Church , Monday, February 19, 1963.
  6. The Twenty-Third Psalm
  7. Typed manuscript by Mrs. J. J. McClelland, July 11, 1961, "The Love That Lifts Sorrow" (John 14).
  8. Typed manuscript by Mrs. Lorenzo L. Skaggs, "Take Time to Pray".
  9. Minister's notes for church service (no name)
  10. Travis Park Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas - The Morning Worship program, Sunday, November 22, 1964.
  11. Travis Park Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas - The Morning Worship program, Sunday, March 10, 1963.
  12. Program - Travis Park Methodist Church , San Antonio , Texas - One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1846-1971, Ralph H Seiler, Pastor.
  13. Invitation - The 125th Anniversary of Travis Park Methodist Church , San Antonio , Texas , October 3-31, 1971.
  14. Program - Travis Park Methodist Church , San Antonio , Texas , 125 Years of Service to God and Man.
  15. Manuscript - Tribute to the Memory of Mrs. J. J. McClelland.
  16. Manuscript - Mrs. J. J. McClelland, July 11, 1961, The Love That Lifts Sorrow (John 14)
  17. List - Where to Look in the Bible.
  18. Program - 14th Annual Commence, Memphis Hospital Medical College , March 27th, 1894.
  19. Card with names - 1-Mrs. Sarah Tomlinson and relationships in Stallworth family.
  20. Handwritten pages by Lizzie(?) S. Stallworth.
  21. "The Well of Livingston", Livingston , AL , June 1897, Volume 1, Number 5.
  22. American and European Imperial Unabridged Song Collection
  23. Small handmade drawstring bag.
  24. Confederate Money - assorted denominations


  1. "Scrapbook Made by my 'Dear Mother' Mrs. J. J. (John James) McClelland Jr. née: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Salena Stallworth Born: April 19, 1874 Pineville, Monroe Co., Alabama  Died: July 8, 1961 San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas . A gift from Mrs. Lorenzo L. Skaggs, San Antonio , Tex née: Elizabeth Stallworth McClelland." Includes poetry, sayings, local interest articles, and 2 photocopies of "The Well of Livingston", Livingston , AL , June 1897, Volume 1, Number 5.
  2. Handmade scrapbook cover for "Scrapbook - 1890. Made by my Father, Dr. J. J. (John James) McClelland, Jr. Born July 8, 1871 Turnbull , Ala.  Died March 22, 1922, San Antonio ,Texas . A gift from Mrs. Lorenzo L. Skaggs. nee
    Mary Elizabeth Stallworth McClelland.
  3. Holy Bible - Large family bible with inscription 'To Livingston University Museum, Livingston Alabama Honoring the memory of my "dear mother" Lizzie Salian Stallworth graduated 20thday of June 1897 then the Alabama College for Girls Livingston Female College Livingston, Alabama watchword - "Prayer" Motto: Let the prayer rise like a fountain, nite and day-more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.
  4. MUSIC......¦..1877-1894, Mrs. William McCants Stallworth, Mrs. (J.J.) John James McClelland Jr. Bound sheet music with Cover sheet added "Owned by my Grandmother-Miss Mary Rebecca (Mollie) Horn (née) Mrs. William McCants Stallworth and my "DEAR MOTHER": Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stalina Stallworth Mrs. J. J. (John James) McClelland Jr. A gift from - Mrs. Lorenzo L. (Mary Elizateth Stallworth McClelland) Skaggs, San Antonio , 510 Adams Street , Bexar Co. , Texas, 78210. "My dear mother" and Grandmother's music.
  5. Scrapbook "My Precious Mother" Pictures, sympathy cards, articles, floral cards, church bulletins etc in memory of the death of Mrs. J. J. McClelland, San Antonio , Texas , born July 8, 1961.


  1. Landscape picture - appears to be the Grand Canyon .
  2. Picture (descriptive card included). Sunday School Picnic, Camden, Alabama,1894 Left to right with X in front if each lady--Mrs. R.H. Seymour, Mary Ella Stallworth, "My Dear Mother" Mrs. J. J. (John James) McClelland Jr. née Elizabeth (Lizzie) Salina Stallworth born: April 19 1874 Pineville, Alabama Died: July 8, 1961, San Antonio Bexar Co., Texas. A gift from her daughter:  Mrs. Mary Elizabeth McClelland Skaggs (Lorenzo L.) San Antonio , Bexar County ,Texas .
  3. Picture (descriptive card included). Camden Sunday School Picnic July 4, 1894 on the "Tinsie Moore" River Boar. Alabama / (My Mother with Me written on picture). Mrs. J. J. (John James) McClelland Jr. nee
    : Elizabeth (Liziie) Salina Stallworth. Born: April 19 1874 Pineville , AlabamaDied: July 8, 1961, San Antonio Bexar Co., Texas . A gift from her daughter:  Mrs. Mary Elizabeth McClelland Skaggs (Lorenzo L.) San Antonio , Bexar County , Texas . Signature on picture - Lizzie S. Stallworth.
  4. Family portrait: Uncle Hardy Horn, Aunt Kate (Rumley) his first wife, Francis(?) Horn, Graham Horn.
  5. Handwritten item:
    Notice, A concert, ???, and a Supper will be given at the Bell's L′d′g Wednesday evening, Aug 3rd by the Ladies of Bell's L′d′g and vicinity for the raising funds for the benefit of the sick and wounded soldiers, and those who are cut off from their friends.
         Admission $5.00 or an equivalents of Bandages, ????, or cloths. The great demand for these articles, will make them preferable to the money.

Ladies of the Bell 's L'd'g and Vicinity

Typed card included: 

The above was written July 26th 1864 during the Civil War by my Great Grandmother Mrs. Allen (Salina Agnes McCants) Stallworth. Born 31st of October 1829 at Bell 's Landing, Alabama ; Died 14th of August 1910 at Beatrice, Monroe Co. Alabama and married 22of November 1849. My Mother, Mrs. J.J. (Elizabeth Salina Stallworth) McClelland inherited the notice from her grandmother, Mrs. William Allen Stallworth in 1910. Born April 19, 1874, Pineville, Wilcox Co., Alabama; Died July 8, 1961 San Antonia,  Bexar  County Texas ; Buried Mission Park Cemetery , San Antonio ,Texas . Married April 25, 1900 Camden , Wilcox Alabama to my Father, Dr. J.J. (John James) McClelland Jr. of Turnbull, Monroe Co. Alabama .  A gift from Mrs. Lorenzo L. (Mary Elizabeth Stallworth McClelland) Skaggs, San Antonio, Texas and a member of the Albert Sidney Johnson Chapter, No. 2060 United Daughters of the Confederacy.

  1. Small trunk, with trunk jewelry box inside. The following articles are in the jewelry box. Several stencil cards; two doll dresses with lace trim; crocheted doll dress, 2 caps, and booties; doll pillow and pillow case.

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