Curriculum Lab Circulation Policy



Books in the Juvenile Collection are checked out to undergraduate and graduate students for a period of one week.  When checking out material, students must present a valid UWA ID.

An overdue fine of 25 cents per day will be charged on late books.  The maximum fine will be $10 per book.  When students have reached this maximum fine, their records will be tagged until they pay the entire fine.


Lost Material

If a student loses a book that is available in print, the replacement cost will be the current cost determined by Books in Print plus a $5.00 processing fee.

If a student loses a book that is no longer in print, the replacement cost is $55.00 plus a $5.00 processing fee, for a total of $60.00.


University faculty and adjunct staff may check out an unlimited amount of materials, due at the end of the current semester.  The faculty member must present a valid UWA Faculty ID card when checking out material.  The materials may then be renewed twice.  After the materials have been renewed twice, they must be returned to the library.  However, if a request has been placed by a University of West Alabama student, the faculty member must return the book within a period of three weeks.

Periodicals, Reference, and Indexes are generally used within the confines of the library; however, they may be checked out for a limited time by faculty.


University staff must use all Curriculum Library materials within the library. 


Local patrons must use all Curriculum Library materials within the library. 


The limitation concerning the reservation time and circulation of the material is generally set by the instructor. 

Types of Reserve Limitations

  • Library use only - Materials may be used anywhere in the library and are not permitted to leave the building under any circumstances.


  • One, two, and three day - Materials may be checked out and must be returned before closing time on the day the book is due.

The overdue fine for any reserve material is $1.00 per day.

Reserve material, when checked out for use outside the library, is stamped with the appropriate due date.


Curriculum Lab Location

The Curriculum Collection is currently divided between the Campus School (Moon Hall) and the Main Library