Alabama Room

Collection Development Policy

 The Alabama & Special Collections Room (including the vault) will house materials according to the following criteria:

1.  All materials that are determined to be rare or unique

2.  At least one copy of local histories and biographies

3.  At least one copy of genealogical and local histories of limited printing, this is not limited to Alabama materials

4.  At least one copy of materials that are specific to the history of the University of West Alabama

5.   Signed materials

6.  One copy of all Alabama Course of Study materials

Additonal Notes

  • All Alabama reports and other state government publications are to be placed in the Main Collection.

  • Items in the Alabama Collection will not circulate.  There will not be a separate reference collection in the Alabama Room.

  • Materials not meeting at least one of the above criteria will not be housed with the Alabama & Special Collections.

  • The director, together with the cataloger, and the Alabama Collection librarian, is responsible for determining what goes into the Alabama & Special Collections Room and vault.

  • The Alabama & Special Collections Room will be kept locked.