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VF1 D1

Folder 1 Articles in Archives

  1. Cross-references to Tape, "My Name is Julia" and Scrapbooks elsewhere in archives.

Folder 2 Booklets of Julia Tutwiler

  1. Julia S. Tutwiler of Alabama by Henry Lee Hargrove, 2 copies.
  2. Letter from George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tennessee, Bruce R. Payne, President, on donation of the Hargrove booklet on Julia Tutwiler.
  3. The Alabama Business and Professional Women"s Foundation presents --Alabama Women"s Academy of Honor of April 13, 2002 - program.
  4. Julia Tutwiler by Dr. Ralph M. Lyon.
  5. Julia Tutwiler Teacher by Eoline Wallace Moore, A.M., Professor of Education, Birmingham Southern College, Published by Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama.

Folder 3 Alumni News

  1. University of Alabama Alumni News, Volume 32, Number 5, March 1949.
  2. Livingston State Normal School Alumni News, Volume 1, Number 1, April 1926.


Folder 4 Hall of Fame

  1. Alabama Hall of Fame, Archives and History Building, Montgomery, Alabama, 1956.
  2. Newspaper clipping, Marion, Alabama, no date or name of newspaper.  Article - Three women installed in Ala. Hall of Fame.

Folder 5 Pamphlets

  1. The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulleting, Summer 1965, 2 copies.
  2. Exercises of Dedication April 25, 1940, Alabama College, Montevallo, Alabama, Quarterly Bulleting of the College, Volume 33, No. 2, October, 1940, 2 copies.

Folder 6 Photocopies of News Clippings

  1. "Hardy Few Paved Way For Thousands More!," The Birmingham News, April 6, 1950.
  2. "Girlhood Days With Miss Tutwiler," Livingston Live, December, 1940.
  3. "Memorial Day Suggested In Honor of Miss Tutwiler," Birmingham News.
  4. "Miss Julia and 'Old Choctaw'," by Bessie Patterson Wilburn.
  5. "Memorial Service for Miss Tutwiler Held at Livingston," Montgomery Advertiser, 1916.
  6. "Tribute To A Great Women," Editorial in The Birmingham News, by Jenkins Jackson, Mrs. W. P. Tartt and Mrs. H. L. Mellen
  7. "Tablet Is Planned to Miss Tutwiler.  Tablet Arrives.  Under the Capitol Dome, Tutwiler Memorial in Prominent Place," Montgomery Alabama Journal, 1933.
  8. "Story of Career Back of Tutwiler Memorial Told," The Birmingham Post, July 7, 1933.
  9. "Beautiful Service In Memory of Miss Tutwiler.  Miss Tutwiler Noted Educator, Called to Reward," Birmingham, Al.  Julia S. Tutwiler, by Abbie Frank Smith, St. Francis Farm, Myndus, N.M.
  10. "Mrs. Owens Visits Tutwiler Grave - After Speech at Greensboro," Montgomery Woman Pays Tribute To Educator (Mrs. Marie Bankhead Owens), Montgomery Advertiser.
  11. Letter From Geneva Mercer, Sculptress In Italy, Tells of Progress Made On Julia Tutwiler Memorial.  Villa Dellosguardo, San Remo, December 3, 1931.
  12. Hand written information on Tutwiler funeral.
  13. Alabama Girl Sculptor Working On Memorial To Julia S. Tutwiler, by Dolly Dalpymple.
  14. "Julia Tutwiler Memorial Executed By Girl Sculptor She Befriended," Birmingham Post, June 30, 1933
  15. "Gentle Austere "Miss Jule" Tutwiler Lives In Former Pupil"s Recollection," by Lucille Skinner Powell, Montgomery Advertiser, December 13, 1936.

Folder 7 Newspaper Clippings

  1. "Fight For Equal Education -Let her own works praise her," educators were told, and Julia won," by Clarke Stallworth, The Birmingham News, October 5, 1975.
  2. "Miss Julia Left A Mark", by Joe Lake, Livingston Life, June 1964.
  3. "Say Goodbye to Tutwiler Hall," by Howell Raines, The Tuscaloosa News, April 21, 1968.
  4. "The First Footsteps:  The beginning of coeducational studies at UA," by Kelli Whitlock, Alabama Live - The Tuscaloosa News, November 15, 1992.
  5. "Miss Julia Tutwiler Works for Prison " by Rosalie Armistead Higgins, " Advertiser, April 9, 1911.
  6. "Julia Strudwick Tutwiler," Picture of "Miss Julia" in front of her cottage, and works to the song she wrote, "Alabama School Song"
  7. "Alabama"s Builders of history," Alabama Sunday magazine, March 24, 1968.
  8. "Alabama party line-Julia Tutwiler nominated for AAUW memorial," The Birmingham News, August 11, 1955.
  9. "Miss Julia and 'Old Choctaw'", by Bessie Patterson Wilburn
  10. "Alabama Woman Praised by Oliver," The Birmingham News.
  11. "State BPW chooses three for induction," The Birmingham News, May 1, 1987.
  12. "Historical Sketch of the People Who Made Sumter County."
  13. "Julia S. Tutwiler named To Alabama Hall Of Fame," Our Southern Home, [1953].
  14. "LU receives Tutwiler scrapbook," Birmingham News, April 19, 1977.
  15. Students of Miss Julia Tutwiler, picture and names.
  16. "Progress Of The Birmingham Churches And ".  Alabama To Observe "Julia Tutwiler memorial" Sunday," The Birmingham News, April 8, 1916.
  17. "Alabama penned just 99 years ago," by Susan Grimley, The Birmingham News, June 19, 1967
  18. "Who really wrote the words to Alabama song?  Confused!," by Robert W. Kincey, March 18, 1962.
  19. "Miss Julia," by Dr. Henry Edmonds.
  20. "A Song for the Lee Centennial," letter to the editor by Julia S. Tutwiler, Montgomery Advertise.

Folder 8 Newspaper Clippings - folder 2

  1. "Julia Tutwiler: for boy and girl, good and bad," by James Spotswood, Birmingham News, August 7, 1966.
  2. "A history of Dr. Henry Tutwiler and his famous daughter, Julia Tutwiler," by Pascal A., Tutwiler, III, Landmark Series No. 12, The Greensboro Watchman, February 3, 1977.  Includes pictures of graves.
  3. "Alabama"s State Song Carries A Boost For The Commonwealth," by Frank Willis Barnett, The Birmingham News, June 6, 1926.
  4. "Service-Thy Name is Woman," by Alyce Walker, The Birmingham News Special Supplement, September 19, 1965.
  5. "One-Time Tuscaloosa Teacher Who Won Imperishable Fame As An Educator," by Mrs. Elmer Clanahan Springer.
  6. "First female students excelled, paved the way for more," by Jason Morton, The Tuscaloosa News UA175 Special Report, April 12, 2006.

Folder 9 Pictures 1890-1910

  1. Portrait sitting in chair, 4 copies.
  2. Julia Tutwiler Memorial Located in the Alabama State Archives, Geneva Mercer, Sculptor.
  3. Headstone of Julia Tutwiler Located in the Methodist Churchyard, Havana, Alabama.
  4. Old Methodist Church, Havana, Alabama, Julia Tutwiler is buried in this churchyard.
  5. Photocopy of old damaged portrait.
  6. Dr. Asa Green receiving scrapbook
  7. Pavilion.
  8. Postcard-picture of gravestone.
  9. Bust of Henry Tutwiler, Father of Julia Tutwiler, Located the University of Virginia.
  10. Photograph and list of Miss "Jules" girls, the first class of girls to graduate from U of A.  Miss Mary DeBardeleben, Annie Turk, Kate Horn, Miss Sadie Mason, Fannie Ingersall, Leila McMahon, Alma Bishop, Mamie Bullock, Miss Augusta Cleary, Miss Rosa Lawhon.
  11. Miss Julia Tutwiler with Elisa Cortez, a Mexican girl who became a missionary.
  12. Group picture with Julia Tutwiler seated, other-2 men, 6 women, unidentified.

Folder 10 Livingston graded school 1903-04

  1. Kindergarten class picture.  Written on back:  Julia McLean (preachers daughter), Julia C. Lawrence, Wm O. McMahon, 2 boys don"t know, Scruggs Joe & Edward, Sims Mame & Esther, Sara Arrington, Evelyn Arrington, Peterson Jarman, Hudson Kinnard, Harold Makin, Babe Makin (Baby), Preston Nach, Lillian Allen, Barrnes Robert, Barnes John, Betts Wilson, Robert Hardaway, Mattews Marie, McCain Ada, McLean Kathrine, McMillan Alice, Parler Lillie (??? Hand).
  2. Livingston Graded School, 1903-04, M. N. Collier, R. B. Calaway, Mrs Eva Arrington, Teachers.

Folder 11 Correspondence

  1. Hand written letter to Bessie, written by Julia S. Tutwiler
  2. Letter of reference written by Julia Tutwiler for Miss Julia Lawrence.
  3. Letter to Mrs. Wade Hampton Coleman from Miss Julia Tutwiler Oct. l, 1915.  Written by her nurse when she was sick in Davis Infirmary in Birmingham.
  4. Typed letter to Miss Julia S. Tutwiler, President Livingston Normal School, from B. B. Comer, Governor of the state of Alabama.
  5. Copy of a typed letter of reference, by Julia S. Tutwiler, for Miss Julia Lawrence.
  6. Correspondence from Dr. Neil Snider, UWA library director to Dr. David Taylor, UWA Provost, concerning Ms. Tutwiler"s work and assistance or Negro education.

Folder 12 Calyx

  1. Photo copy of "Calyx" "11 - 1911 yearbook of the Alabama Normal School. Donated by Dr. Judy Massey, 1/7/2002.

Folder 13 Last Will and Testament

  1. Photocopy of hand written document
  2. Typed transcripts

Folder 14 Manuscript of The Mother of Education in Alabama

  1. Photocopy of hand written manuscript, The Mother of Education in Alabama, on Miss Julia Tutwiler by Bessie Patterson.  Supplied by Mrs. H. H. Wilburn, March 1, 1972.

Folder 15 Document copies

  1. Poems by Julia Tutwiler:  "Dixie Now", "Alabama", "Our New Captain and His Crew", "The Southern Yankee Doodle".
  2. "Song by Two Birmingham Women Is Given Official Status In Vote Of Legislature, Edna Gockel-Guessen Writes Music to Composition by Miss Julia Tutwiler," Newspaper article around 1930.
  3. Poem by Julia Tutwiler:  Mother"s Birthday.
  4. Alabama"s Emblems and Symbols, The Alabama State Planning and Industrial Development Board.
  5. "State Song", article from the spring issue 1940, unknown journal.
  6. Miss Julis Tutwiler, "Jane Adams of the South", Eulogized, possibly by Elsie Cooke Ward.
  7. A tribute to a great Alabamian, by Elsie Cooke Ward.
  8. Newspaper articles:  Julia Tutwiler Is No More, Birmingham News, March 24, 1916.
  9. Newspaper article:  "Julia Tutwiler, First Citizen of Alabama" by Helen Christine Bennett.
  10. Newspaper article:  "Tutwiler, Pioneer in Education," The Birmingham News, July 22, 1923.
  11. Letter George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tennessee, Bruce R. P??yne, President.
  12. Letter from Mrs. Elise C. Ward.
  13. Letter For Miss Tutwiler, Representative Rogers of Sumter offered a resolution.
  14. Alumni Address.

Folder 16 Pioneer Women

  1. "Silhouettes, Sketches of Pioneer Women Teachers in Greene, Pickens, and Sumter Counties".  Booklet published by Alpha Chi Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma, Livingston, Alabama 1962.

Folder 17 Social Progress

  1. "Julia S. Tutwiler and Social Progress in Alabama" by Anne Gray Pannell and Dorothea E. Wyatt, University Press. 
  2. "Julia S. Tutwiler and Social Progress in Alabama" by Anne Gray Pannell and Dorothea E. Wyatt, University Press. Review by Martha S. Culp, Livingston, Alabama

Folder 18 Interview

  1. Interviews with Miss Rosalie Tutwiler and Miss Agnes Tutwiler, nieces of Julia Tutwilwer, by Marvin Rogers Concerning Julia Tutwiler, February 6, 1975.

Folder 19 Writings on Julia Tutwiler

  1. Julia Studwick Tutwilder (sic), by Julia Prayton Killingsworth.
  2. Reminiscences of Miss Julia S. Tutwiler, Given by Frank Grover, presented by Miss Ettie Haynie, came through Mrs. May?? Tate, 2 copies
  3. Julia Strudick Tutwiler 1841-1916 by Mrs. Mamie Bullock Stinson. (Original)
  4. State Teachers College, Livingston, Alabama.  Information on Miss Julia Tutwiler.
  5. Julia Strudwick Tutwiler paper, unknown author.
  6. Julia Strudwick Tutwiler paper, unknown author.
  7. Julia Strudwick Tutwiler paper, unknown author.
  8. Julia Strudwick Tutwiler paper, by Bessie Patterson Wilburn?
  9. The founder of Greene Springs School (Dr. Henry Tutwiler).
  10. Index card with names, Mrs. G. B. Brock and Miss Martha Young.

Folder 20 Correspondences

  1. Letter from Mrs. Martha S. Culp concerning two photographs of pictures of Miss Tutwiler.  
    Memo of thanks from Anne G. Gannell, President"s Office, Sweet Briar College, Virginia.
  2. Letters, concerning pictures of Tutwiler Hall, and Julia Tutwiler, from:
    Mrs. Martha S. Culp, Acting Registrar, Livingston University and Mr. James B. McMillan, Director, University of Alabama Press
  3. Julia Tutwiler"s Life, A Challenge to Teaching, by Agnes Ellen Harris, Dean of Women, The University of Alabama-address given by Ms. Harris in Livingston, Alabama at the Julia Tutwiler dedication in 1941.
    Letter from Ms. Harris sent with the copy of the address.

Folder 21 Miscellaneous

  1. Julia Tutwiler"s Mother:  A Piece of Postal History, by Larry Powell, Global Stamp News, February 1996.
  2. Note cards with brief outline of history of the university.
  3. Julia Tutwiler-Southern Pioneer, NEA Journal. v.35 #8, November 1946.
  4. Alabama School Journal, January 1956 with attached article, AEA Family Album January Cover-Miss Julia Tutwiler.
  5. Julia Tutwiler:  "Alabama"s First Citizen", Alabama Traveler, published by Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel.
  6. Poem and inscription on plaque for Julia Strudwick Tutwiler, 1841-1916 from State Archives and History Building:
  7. The President, article on Julia Tutwiler from an Alabama Normal College publication.
  8. Highlights on the life of Miss Julia Tutwiler on the occasion of her death and funeral, March 1916.

Folder 22 Radio Address 1931

  1. Co-education at The University of Alabama-Radio address delivered over WAPI as a part of The University of Alabama Centennial Celebration, May 1931, by Wade H. Coleman, Jr. with accompanying letter to Mrs. Janie Brown Morgan, Librarian, Livingston State College, from James H. Newman, Executive Vice President, The University of Alabama. (2 copies)

Folder 23 Petition

  1. Found with papers of James Augustus Mitchell, Livingston attorney and friend of Julia S. Tutwiler.  Asking for name of Livingston State Normal School to be changed to The Julia Tutwiler State Normal School.

Folder 24 Program

  1. Alumni Home-Coming Banquet, Livingston State Normal School, May 26, 1926, Assembled in Honor of Julia Studwick Tutwiler "Honor for Merit".

Folder 25 Miscellaneous

  1. Postcard from Julia Tutwiler, sent from Boston, to Eleanor Phillips at her birth.
  2. Pages about Julia Tutwiler) from:  Griffith, Lucille.  Alabama:  A Documentary History to 1900.  University, Alabama:  UA Press, 1968.
  3. Copy of group photograph and portrait.
  4. Program-The Sumter County Fine Arts Council in cooperation with Livingston University presents My name is Julia A one-act play written & preformed by Kathryn Windham, November 24, 1991 in observation of Miss Julia"s 150 birthday.
  5. Hand written letter from Mrs. Zack (Nan Arrington) Rogers accompanying a copy of a coat of arms found in a scrapbook compiled about 1860-1865.

Folder 26 Julia Tutwiler Hall - Alabama College, Montevallo, AL

  1. Exercises of Dedication April 25, 1940, Quarterly Bulletin of the College, v. 33, no. 2, October, 1940.

VF1 D2 

Lyons, Ralph; Julia Tutwiler booklet