Anne True Honeycutt Collection

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Location:  Stacks, File Cabinet 4

Anne True Honeycutt is the great niece of Martha Young and great-great niece of Julia Strudwick Tutwiler.  This collection was given to Julia Tutwiler Library by Nan Tutwiler Young Schaeffer Graham, the great niece of Martha Young and great-great niece of Julia Strudwick Tutwiler.


This collection contains articles, clippings, stories, and memorabilia related to three prominent members from the University: Julia S. Tutwiler, Martha Young, and E. A. Young. 


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Folder 1:    Writings of Martha Young

"The Pearl of Great Price" by Martha Young

"Just Why" by Martha Young

Copy of a "Progress" notebook, with writings by Martha Young.

Collection of writings entitles "The Letters He Never Read". Appears to be by Martha Young.

50 short poems written by Martha Young

Poem -" "The Strangeness of it" by Martha Young

Story, "A North Carolina Heroine", signed and renamed "? ? Punch Excelsior Classics, Bowl" Half-Forgotten Stories of America, D.H. Knowlton & Co publishers, Farmington Maine.

Two pages, written by Martha Young, beginning "I must write something about Marion Kerby; for whom I still have an affection:"

Entry for Biographies of Alabama Authors by Mailande Cheney Sledgem, sent in 5-12-97. Young, Martha Strudwick (1862-1941) ("Eli Shepperd"), Works by Martha Young. (2 copies)


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Folder 2:    Performances and Appearances of Martha Young

Flyer for Recital, Miss Martha Young, reading works, November 15th, 1906, Astor Gallery, Waldorf Astoria, 34th street and Fifth Avenue w/picture.

Manhattan State Hospital, West, Author's Readings by Miss Martha Young, May 11th, 1904.


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Folder 3:    Program of Installation, Alabama Women's Hall of Fame, October 16, 1986, Judson College, Marion, Alabama. Induction and unveiling of memorial plaques for Chamintney Stovall Thomas and Martha Strudwick Young. (2 copies)


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Folder 4:      Pictures

Copy-"in full-length dark dress and hat. (3 copies)

Copy-"on the flyer for recital

Copy-"Bust in white blouse with hands on face.


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Folder 5:      Letters to and from Martha Young:

From Ada Sterling, December 28th, 1935, on stationary from Hotel Endicott, New York City.

From Marion Kerby, November 28, 1934

Feb 8/35

From Marion Kerby, April 21, 1935 on stationary from St. Francis Apartment Hotel.

From Marion Kerby Sunday 28th 1935 on stationary from St. Francis Apartment Hotel.

From Marion Kerby, Thursday 7, 1935, asking Martha Young to re-write some verses.

From Marion Kerby, November 30, 1936

Copy of envelope addressed to Miss Martha Young from Marion Kerby, Los Angeles, Calif, Dec 10 1936 with notes on back of envelope.

From Marion Kerby, Aug 31, 1937

From Marion Kerby, Dec 17, 1937

From Marion Kerby, Feb 19, 1938

From Marion Kerby, March 20, 1938

From S. M. P??k, Hot Springs Arkansas, Hotel Maurice, April 5, 1925

From C. C. Tutwiler, Chestnut Hill, Pa., August 28, 1922

From Herbert Tutwiler to Cousin Martha, Dec. 24, -˜76

From Henry Wright?, cousin of Miss Young, on the death of Elisha, 3 Aug. 1930.

From Janice?, to -ËœMattie' (family pet name for Miss Young).

To Marion Kerby

To Marion Kerby

To Marion Kerby

To Marian Kerby

To Chappell July ?, 23, 1936

To Mr. Hamilton Forrest, Composer

To Miss Alfreda Muckle, Talladega, Alabama 1939

To Freda Muckee, niece of Martha Young, 1939


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Folder 6     Information related to Julia S. Tutwiler

Invitation to the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame on the Installation of Dr. Hallie Farmer, Helen Adams Keller, Julia Strudwick Tutwiler, September 25, 1971, Judson College, Marion Alabama

Paper on Julia Tutwiler presented to the Greensboro Study Club by Nora True, great niece of Julia Tutwiler.

Article-""The Life and Works of Julia S. Tutwiler Memorialized in an Attractive Booklet", The Birmingham News.

"Alabama's State Song Carries A Boost For The Commonwealth; Julia Tutwiler Poem Stands Test", The Birmingham News, June 6, 1926

Papers on Miss Tutwiler's efforts toward Prison Reform.

"'Let her own work praise her,' educators were told, and Julia won", under the heading "Fight For Equal Education" The Birmingham News, October 5, 1975.

"Julia Tutwiler Cited By AAUW; Late Educator Included in D. C. Frieze" with picture of Miss Ann True, Mrs. Urmede Hoyle, and portrait, of "Miss Julia", September, 1955. (2 copies)

"Julia Tutwiler Memorial Executed by Girl Sculptor She Befriended", Montgomery, Ala., June 30

"Julia Tutwiler Teacher" by Eoline Wallace Moore, A.M., Birmingham-Southern College Bulletin, Volume XXVII Number 1, January, 1934.

Julia S. Tutwiler of Alabama, April 1920. by Henry Lee Hargrove.

Program: Exercises of Dedication, April 25, 1940, Alabama College, The State College for Women, Montevallo, Alabama, Quarterly Bulletin of the College, on the dedication of Julia Tutwiler Hall. Includes an address by the Honorable Gessner T. McCorvey on "Julia Strudwick Tutwiler, her Life and Work.

Dedication of Julia Strudwick Tutwiler Hall. Alabama College. Montevallo Alabama. April 25 1940

"A Year in a German Model School" by Miss Julia Tutwiler, Livingston Alabama, Addresses and Proceedings of the National Educational Association, Toronto, Canada, 1891.

"Miss Julia Tutwiler Remembered as One of Alabama's Greatest Women. One time Tuscaloosa Teacher Won Imperishable Fame as an Educator", by Mrs. Elmer Clanahan Springer.

"Southern Pioneer", NEA Journal, November 1946. About Julia Tutwiler and her contribution to Education. There is mention of Geneva Mercer.

"Julia Tutwiler-..Southern Pioneer" by Mildred Sandison Fenner, Assistant Editor

Bibliography on Julia Tutwiler.

National Education Association in St. Paul 1890. N.E.A. Proceedings 1890. "Our Brothers in Stripes in The School Room". Julia Tutwiler speaking before the N.E.A. assemblage in 1890-.

Livingston State Normal School Alumni News, Volume 1 Number 1 April 1926. Contains two articles concerning Miss Tutwiler.


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Folder 7:     "The Wilderness Feast" Behind the Dark Pines by Martha Young, Adapted by: Folder 5:Marion Kerby and Miriam Oliver from Martha Young's book, "Behind the Dark Pines".

Outline of the play

Working papers, contracts and letters regarding the writing of this play.

Contract and letter from Martha Young to Marion Kerby concerning the book.

Signed contract from Marion Kerby to Martha Young and copy of envelope postmarked April 29, 1935, Los Angeles, California..

Unsigned contract giving Marion Kerby rights to sing songs composed by Hamilton Forrest, words from book "Behind the Dark Pines" by Martha Young.


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Folder 8:    "Abraham Lincoln, The Citizen" by Capt. S. A. Ashe, Raleigh, N. C.


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Folder 9:    Program -" The Camp Committee of the Girl Scouts of Palm Beach County presents Marion Kerby, accompanied by Nathan Price, Friday, January 25th. Negro songs of the far South.


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Folder 10: Copy of the Introduction by Barbara Hardaway of the book Eli Shepperd's "Plantation Songs". Eli Shepperd is a pseudonym use by Martha Young. 


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Folder 11: Paper "A Natural Impossibility" by Will ? Knott?


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Folder 12:   "Edmund Strudwick; Man and Country Doctor", An Address delivered on the occasion of the presentation of a portrait of Dr. Strudwick to the State Hospital at Raleigh, December 14, 1926. By Frank Nash, Raliegh, Edwards & Broughton Company, 1927.

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Folder 13:  Hand written pages entitled Dr. Elisha Young-"The Country Doctor, written by Nora M. True (grand daughter of Elisha Young).

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Folder 14: Article/Newspaper clippings:

"In Memory of Martha Young", newspaper article signed A Friend.
"Dr. Henry T. Young" newspaper article, first sentence -ËœA great soul has gone to God.

Two articles, Pioneers of Marengo County by James and Emogene Armistead, (in a series appearing in the Demopolis Times)
No. 67, Sept. 19, 1974, "William Cincinnatus Ashe- prominent early doctor"
No. 68, Sept. 26, 1974, "Ashe family prominent"

"Newbern native named to AWHOF, Marion Times-Standard, Thurs., April 3, 1986. First sentence of article "Alabama writer Martha Strudwick Young, - has been selected as a member of the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame"

"Newbern writer is memorialized in Alabama Women's Hall of Fame" (2 copies)

"Swann descendants Meet" with picture of Miss Agnes Tutwiler, Mrs. Anne Tutwiler, and Mrs. J. DeWitt Cooper, all descends of Col. Thomas Swann.

"Organize Music Study Club in Greensboro, Greensboro, Ala, Nov. 29

"Alabama's -ËœRemus' Writer" by Amelia Harrison, Alabama Sunday Magazine, November 12, 1967.

"Capt. Samuel A. Ashe Recalls Christmas Days of Old", The Raleigh Times, Dec. 24, 1931.

"The History of Epitaphs and Its Influence on Hale County", essay by Miss Kathy Massengale, a student at Greensboro High School, was the second-place winner in the 1967 Bishop-Young Essay Contest-.

"Building Boom Continues at L.S.C With Groundbreaking for New-Modern Cafeteria, Student Center-Canteen" Picture of family members of the Late Elisha Ashe Young, for whom the building will be named.

"Working on Elisha Ashe Young Portrait; Livingston Artist, Nearing 85, Still Active", The Tuscaloosa News, May 28, 1963. Article on Ruby Pickens Tartt, with picture of Mrs. Tartt standing beside her portrait of Elisha Ashe Young. 

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Folder 15:      Letters--Miscellaneous:

To Miss Kerby from John Alden Carpenter, Chicago, June 4, 1934.

To Committee on Entrance, Requirements to Teacher's College, Columbia, New York, from Agnes ? C. Young, September 3, 1912.

To R. Muckle, Greensboro, AL, from Marion Kerby on the death of Martha Young

To Mrs. Harry Warren, Allendale, South Carolina from James W. Strudwick with partial list tracing the descendants of William F. Strudwick and Martha Sheppard.

To Miss Tutwiler on stationary of E. M. Tutwiler, Birmingham, AL, June 11th, 1914, from Linnie A Robinson (Mrs. Joseph), Nevada requesting "- all you know of the Tutwiler ancestry."

To Whom It May Concern, Chicago, May 29, 1934, from Frederick Stock Conductor, on work of Miss Marion Kirby

From C. C. Tutwiler, Philadelphia, about 1?80 entitle "?? News Lied"

To Cousin Nora from James Kimble Young, Jr., May 6th, 1950, on Young family lineage.


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Folder 16 :      Miscellaneous:

Tutwiler Family Record from Bible, 1768-1816

Family Record-"Family of Henry Tutwiler (2 copies)

Leonard Tutwiler's Will, Rockingham County, Virginia, 1804. Correspondence between Harry M. Strickler, Attorney at Law, Harrisonburg, Virginia and Mr. C. C. Tutwiler, Chestnut Hill, Pa concerning the property of and information on Leonard Tutwiler.

Two hand-written pages entitled "Henry Tutwiler, Nov. 18, 1807-Sept 22, 1884."

By Anne True Honeycutt (Newbern), great niece of Martha Young on Greensboro friends' and relatives' pet names for Martha Strudwick Young.

Program cover (copy) Marion Kerby Singing Negro Exaltations and Southern Mountain Songs and articles on her career.

From Judge Kenney's sketches of "The Old Church on the Hill". Henry Tutwiler mentioned as member of the congregation.

Note about A New Song composed for Leonard Tutwiler.

Tutwiler, Name and Origin of the Family.

Family History of Lily Ashe Parker, Wife of James Lake Parker. 

  • Genealogy
  • chart for Julia Tutwiler and Martha Young. Beginning with John Baptista Ashe and Elizabeth Swann.

    Family Tree of Dr. Henry Tutwiler, Julia Strudwick Tutwiler, Miss Martha Strudwick, Dr. Elisha Ashe Young. Beginning with Pascal Paoli and Betsy Strudwick.

  • Genealogy
  • Chart for Julia Tutwiler and Martha Young.

    Copy of a Picture of a man

    "Henry Tutwiler and the influence of the University of Virginia on Education in Alabama" by Thomas C. McCorvey, M.A., LL.B. Professor of History and Philosophy in the University of Alabama.

    Pennsylvania:1790. Statement showing the data returned at the Census of 1790 in regard to all heads of families named Tedwiler, Detwiler, etc. 

    Tutwiler Family. Earliest date noted 1804, latest 1923.

    Information concerning family of W.W. Tutwiler.

    Hand written page noting Identification to Dedication photo of Elisha Ashe Young Hall in UWA computer.

    "Dr. Henry Tutwiler" History of Alabama, A.B. Moore 1934. Short paper about the Greene Springs School for Boys. (2 copies)