S11.D3 Folder 3

Towns – Boligee

Item 1: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Boligee gets new Chief of Police”


S11.D3 Folder 4

Towns – Coatopa

Item 1: Newspaper clipping dated September 24, 1992, entitled “Chip Mill may come to Sumter,” with two photocopies of the same attached


S11.D3 Folder 5

Towns – Cuba

Item 1: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Eugene Walter Every Week”


S11.D3 Folder 6

Towns: Cullman

Item 1: Photocopy of newspaper clipping dated Tuesday, November 18, 1958, entitled “Cullman Plays Second Fiddle To Nobody When It Comes To Backing Uncle Sam” regarding the fact that Cullman County had the highest number of veterans in proportion to its population in all the counties of the United States


S11.D3 Folder 7

Towns – Demopolis

Item 1: Brochure for the First Annual Lake Demopolis Fishing Rodeo dated May 31 – June 2, 1957


S11.D3 Folder 8

Towns – Epes

Item 1: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Epes Community is extending its park and recreational area,” with pictures of a Caterpillar and local residents

Item 2: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Rucks relieved,” regarding Mayor C.D. Rucks’s relief that two stolen items were returned to Tommy Hylton and his mother, Alma Hylton

Item 3: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Town awarded grant for sewer,” regarding a $250,000 state grant awarded to Epes

Item 4: Photocopy of photograph dated c.1880 of the business section of Epes, with Dr. John Epes on first black horse and Jazeral Hilman on white horse

Item 5: Photocopy of newspaper clipping, October 1999, entitled “Epes to celebrate its history on Saturday,” regarding the town’s centennial celebration

Item 6: Photocopy of newspaper clipping, October 1999, entitled “Epes to celebrate 100 years as a municipality”

Item 7: Photocopy of newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Visit to Epes,” regarding someone’s first visit to Epes

Item 8: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled “Sumter Counties Celebrate At Epes”

Item 9: Document dated October 14, 1899, regarding the incorporation of the town of Epes, Ala., making October 17–23 “Town of Epes Week”

Item 10: Photocopy of newspaper clipping dated February 20, 1983, from the Tuscaloosa News, entitled “She sees better days for Epes”


S11.D3 Folder 9

Towns – Gainesville

Item 1: Photograph (undated) labeled “J.K. Patch, Shelburne Falls”

Item 2: Photograph (undated) of Sally Lassie Stone

Item 3: Photograph (undated) of unknown baby

Item 4: Photograph (undated) of unknown group of people

Item 5: Photograph (undated) of unknown man and two women

Item 6: Flyer entitled “Come Celebrate Heritage Days in Sumter County, Alabama – The Heart of the Black Belt” regarding a Sumter County Heritage Day hosted by the Sumter County Historical Society

Item 7: List of names, addresses, and phone numbers of Gainesville City Council members, dated July 30, 1993, including Mayor Thomas M. Long, Jr.

Item 8: Newspaper clipping entitled “History thrives in Gainesville – the town that was almost Chicago”

Item 9: Surveyor’s map of the City of Gainesville dated September 1925

Item 10: Monthly report of Lula Hemmingway from the Gainesville Female College dated May 16, 1879

Item 11: Photocopy of photograph entitled “Negro Baptising ‘Big B’ River – Gainesville, Ala.”


S11.D3 Folder 10

Towns: Geiger

Item 1: Photocopy (undated) of law manual for the town of Geiger


S11.D3 Folder 11

Towns: Livingston

Item 1: Monograph dated 1972 entitled “Livingston Leads…”

Item 2: Newspaper clipping from The Home Record dated August 16, 1978, entitled “Uniqueness of old southern towns” regarding Livingston, with photocopy of article attached

Item 3: Photocopy dated 1959 of article in Detective Magazine entitled “Scream for Room Service,” regarding the murder of a woman at the Livingston Hotel

Item 4: Newspaper article dated August 17, 1977, entitled “Proposed Zoning Ordinance, Livingston, Alabama,” including a map of the city of Livingston and the lines of demarcation for various zones

Item 5: Photocopy of a Journal Print dated 1878 regarding the medicinal properties of the Livingston Artesian Water

Item 6: Photocopy of a book (undated) named “Medical Men of Sumter County, Alabama,” by R.D. Spratt, M.D.

Item 7: Photocopy of handbook printed 1903 entitled “Livingston Artesian Well” regarding the medicinal value of the artesian well water in Livingston

Item 8: Letter dated July 6, 1983, from David Schure to Mrs. Jerrel Reed regarding Livingston’s membership in the National Register